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Q: How many matches are in a league 2 season?
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How many Manchester United matches are there this season ie season starting Sept 2008?

August... 38 League games, the Super Cup (lost already); at least 2 World Club Championship matches; at least 6 (and as many as 13) Champions League games; up to 6 FA Cup matches; up to 6 League Cup matches. So if they went all the way in every competition, they'd play 66 games.

How many games did Jonathan woodgate play for real madirid?

9 league matches 2 cup matches 3 european matches 14 games in total

How many teams are selected for MLB wildcard?

One per league, per season. (2 per season)

How many games in English league football?

Well it depends what league you are on about. Barclays Premier League: 722 Games per season Npower Championship: 1058 Games per Season Npower League 1: 1058 Games per Season Npower League 2: 1058 Games per Season

How often during the season is there a Chelsea vs Everton match?

In the English Premier League, each team plays against the other teams twice during a season. This manes that during the season there are 2 Chelsea vs Everton matches each year.

How many games did Manchester United play in 2006-2007?

During the 2006-07 season, Manchester United played 11 friendlies, 38 Premier League games, 8 FA Cup matches (including two replays), 2 League Cup games, and 12 Champions League games - a total of 71 games.

How many teams go up to premiere league?

2 teams from the championship League go up to the Premier League at the end of the season. Their places in the Championship League go to 3 teams from the Premier League.

Which channel in India will show live broadcast of matches of IPL season 2 on television?


How many matches win Bangladesh cricket team in test cricket?

2 matches

How many trophies did man utd win in the 2008-2009 season?

2. Carling Cup and Premier League

In the book The Contender by Robert Lipsyte how many matches does he win?

2 matches yes he does win 2 matches but he also ties in 1 and loses the last

How many goals have anelka score this season?

16 in the Premier League as of 2.5.09, including his goal today, and 4 in the FA Cup and 2 in the Champions' League.

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