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In the English Premier League, each team plays against the other teams twice during a season. This manes that during the season there are 2 Chelsea vs Everton matches each year.

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Q: How often during the season is there a Chelsea vs Everton match?
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What was the chealsea and everton score?

The English Premier League match between Chelsea and Everton on Wednesday 22/04/2009 finished 0-0.

Fastest goal in the fa cup?

Louis Saha of Chelsea in the 2009 FA Cup Final. He scored 25 seconds into the match against Everton.

How is Chelsea playin?

Chelsea are playing very well this season, they have lost only one match , and that was verses Manchester City by one goal.

What is the probability of Everton winning against Liverpool in their next match?

0% Everton are woeful.

Who won the match everton v everton dc on the 4th of august 2010?

Everton Won 2-0 (English)

Is the everton match on tv on Tuesday?

it might be on ESPN...

How many games are Chelsea unbeaten against Everton?

Match factsChelsea have recorded an 24 unbeaten game run streak against fellow Premier League side Everton in all competitions - (15 wins, 9 draws and 0 defeats) including the Carling Cup Semi-Final 2008 and the FA Cup Final 2009.Everton's last victory over Chelsea was a 2-1 win at Goodison Park in November 2000.Not only that, Everton's last win over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge was in November 1994 where Paul Rideout scored the winning goal at 1-0.

Who is the best everton player of all time?

Dixie Dean, the best everton player ever, even died watching an everton match R.I.P

What year was the first Merseyside football derby?

The first football match between Liverpool and Everton was contested on October 13, 1894. Everton won the match 3 - 0.

Everton vs arsenal 2009-2010?

In the match between Everton and Arsenal played on the 15/8/2009 . Arsenal won the match 6-1.A complete whitewash.

What was the first premier league match?

everton vs west ham

Who won the highest premier league match between arsenal and Chelsea?


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