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Q: How many legal hits per person in volley ball?
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When do you score in volley ball?

When the ball hits the floor of your opponents side of the court.

If the ball hits the line in volley ball is it in?

Yes. If any part of the ball hits any part of the line, it is considered in.

A volley or play continues until?

the ball hits the ground.

What is a digvolleyball?

a dig in volley ball is when some when someone hits it at you, you dive for it, and it is a good pass

Is the volleyball legal if it hits the line?

If the ball hits the line the ball is called in

Can the same person hit the volley ball after they block it?

no they cant i myself play volleyball you can only hit the ball once but if someone passes it to you . you could hit it over A block does not count as one of the three hits (except in Beach) so yes the blocker could be the next legal touch

Whose point is it when a player hits the net after hitting the ball into the opponent's court?

In tennis and volley-ball you lose the point if you touch the net while the ball is in play.

What does a volley mean in playing table tennis?

A volley is when a player obstructs the ball if he, or anything he wears or carries, touches the ball in play when it is above or travelling towards the playing surface, not having touched his court since last being struck by his opponent. So, very simply, a volley is when a player hits the ball before it bounces on his side of the table. This is not allowed.

What is the width of the lines of a volley ball court are they considered in play or out of play?

The lines in Volleyball are approximately 2 1/2 inches wide. If the ball hits the line it is out

What does Volleys in tennis mean?

A volley in tennis refers to when a player hits a ball without the ball bouncing; this usually takes place when a player stands close to the net.

What dig in volley ball?

A dig is when the libero (back row specialist) or other back row player passes the ball up (also known as a bump) after someone hits (or spikes) the ball at them

What are five common tennis terms such as the ace?

Some common tennis terms are as follows:Deuce (a score of 40-40 in a single game)Smash/Slam (an overhead hit using the user's full power to hit the ball fast)Volley (when the player hits the ball before it hits the ground; it is a common misconception that it can only be done at the net, as there is a term called the 'baseline volley' where the player hits the ball before it hits the ground at the baseline, rather than at the net)Half-Volley (a hit right next to the ground where the ball just bounced off of the ground and barely got off of the ground)Winner (the most common term used on the court; it is a shot where the player hit the ball but the opponent could not get their racquet on the ball)

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