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There are three.... Boomer, Young and Stabler

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2 jim zorn blue bomers and tyler palko alouttes

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Q: How many left handed quarterbacks have played in the Super Bowl?
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Which left handed quarterbacks had a win in Super Bowl?

Kenny 'The Snake' Stabler - Oakland Raiders, Super Bowl XI Steve Young - San Francisco 49ers, Super Bowl XXIX

Who are all the quarterbacks who have played in Super Bowl?

alot of people

How many quarterbacks from Penn State have played in the Super Bowl?


Do super bowl quarterbacks appear at pro bowl?


Who were the 2 starting quarterbacks for the 2011 Super Bowl?

In Super Bowl XLV, played on February 6, 2011, Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers and Pittsburgh Steelers Ben Roethlisberger were the starting quarterbacks.

What black quarterbacks played in the super bowl?

Doug Williams Steve McNair Donovan McNabb

What Green Bay Packer Quarterbacks have played in a Super Bowl?

Bart Starr and Brett farve

Who were the quarterbacks in Super Bowl IX?

The quarterbacks for the 1975 Super Bowl IX were Pittsburgh Steelers Terry Bradshaw, and Minnesota Vikings Fran Tarkenton.

Is there a List of all jets quarterbacks?

Click on the 'Super Bowl Starting QBs' link on this page to see the quarterbacks who started for their team in the Super Bowl.

Who was the quarterbacks for redskins Super Bowl?

Doug Williams

Who was the quarterbacks in super-bowl 33?

favre and elway

What quarterbacks from the same college met in Super Bowl?

It has never happened in the same Super Bowl game.