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It has never happened in the same Super Bowl game.

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Q: What quarterbacks from the same college met in Super Bowl?
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What Super Bowl has ever seen two quarterbacks from the same college start against each other?

It has never happened in Super Bowl history.

What 2 Super Bowl quarterbacks are from the same college?

Joe Montana and Joe Thiesmann from Notre Dame

What four Super Bowl quarterbacks attended the same college as a president?

john elway, ben rothlisberger, tom brady, and roger staubauck

What Presidents and Quarterbacks who won super bowls went to the same college?

Roger Staubach and Jimmy Carter

Name three separate Super Bowl mvp's from the same college?

Super Bowl MVP's safety Jake Scott (Miami, Super Bowl VII), running back Terrell Davis (Denver, Super Bowl XXXII) and wide receiver Hines Ward (Pittsburgh, Super Bowl XL) all went to Georgia.

Who were the Backup quarterbacks in Super Bowl xxxi?

Favre was the backup for that season behind Don Majkowski who was injured that same season. Favre was brought in and became the starter from that point on.

When is puppy bowl 2010?

The same day as the super bowl.

How many people will the Super Bowl stadium hold?

The Super Bowl is not in the same stadium every year. The capacity of the Super Bowl Stadium depends on where the Super Bowl is being held.

Start time for Super Bowl 2010?

6:30 PM ET. Same for the 2011 Super Bowl.

What universities graduated a Super Bowl quarterback and a US president?

U.S. Presidents and Super Bowl quarterbacks who attended the same colleges (but not at the same time):1. President Benjamin Harrison, Ben Roethlisberger (Miami, Ohio). 2. President Herbert Hoover, Jim Plunkett, John Elway (Stanford).3. President Gerald R. Ford, Tom Brady (Michigan).4. President Jimmy Carter, Roger Staubach (Navy).If you include backup quarterbacks, Jason Garrett graduated from Princeton University and won a Super Bowl ring with the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XXVIII and XXX and President James Madison graduated from what later became known as Princeton U.

Where are the footballs for the Super Bowl made?

Super Bowl footballs are made of the same leather that is used on the regular season footballs.

What time is Super Bowl 2009 kick-off in Chicago?

5:30. Same time for the 2011 Super Bowl.

When is Super Bowl kickoff 2010?

6:30 PM EST. Same time for 2011 Super Bowl Kickoff.

Did Eli and Peyton Manning ever play in the same Super Bowl?

No. As of March 2013, Eli and Peyton Manning have never played in the same Super Bowl.

Who has won the super bowl and the pro bowl the same year as AFC or NFC?

the browns

Who are the quarterbacks with super bowl wins and over 4000 yards passing in same year?

As of the 2008 season: 1) 1999 - Kurt Warner, St Louis Rams: Threw for 4,353 yards in the regular season and was the starting QB for the Super Bowl XXXIV winners. 2) 2006 - Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts: Threw for 4,397 yards in the regular season and was the starting QB for the Super Bowl XLI winners.

Have two wild cards ever gone to the Super Bowl?

Not as of Super Bowl XLI. Only eight wild card teams have played in the Super Bowl and never two in the same season: Dallas Cowboys - lost Super Bowl X Oakland Raiders - won Super Bowl XV New England Patriots - lost Super Bowl XX Buffalo Bills - lost Super Bowl XXVII Denver Broncos - won Super Bowl XXXII Tennessee Titans - lost Super Bowl XXXIV Baltimore Ravens - won Super Bowl XXXV Pittsburgh Steelers - won Super Bowl XL

When did St. Louis Rams play the San Francisco 49ers in the super bowl?

They can play in the Super Bowl because they are in the same conference.

Can any 2 from same conference play in super bowl?


Who is the only team to win a super bowl then a NBA chamionship game the same year?

Impossible. NBA teams do not play in the Super Bowl.

Is a Super Bowl the same as a championship?

Yes, it is a championship game. The winners are declared the Super Bowl champions as well as being declared their conference champions.

Can the Super Bowl be held in the same city as one of the teams?


Warmest temperature at the Super Bowl?

Southern California had two of the warmest Super Bowl games in history.On January 26, 2003, the temperature was recorded at 82 degrees for Super Bowl XXXVII. Thirty years earlier on January 14, 1973, Super Bowl VII had the same temperature.

Is the Super Bowl a ritual?

Rituals are repeated in the same way each time. Though done repeatedly the games are not the same each time. So, I would say no, the Super Bowl is not a ritual.

Has an NFL quarterback won both a super bowl and lead the league in passing yards in the same season?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, no.There have been 4 quarterbacks that led the NFL in passing yards for a year that played in that year's Super Bowl. All wound up on the losing team.1) Super Bowl XLII - Tom Brady, New England Patriots - the Patriots lost to the New York Giants, 17-14.2) Super Bowl XXXVII - Rich Gannon, Oakland Raiders - the Raiders lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 48-21.3) Super Bowl XXXVI - Kurt Warner, St. Louis Rams - the Rams lost to the New England Patriots, 20-17.4) Super Bowl XIX - Dan Marino, Miami Dolphins - the Dolphins lost to the San Francisco 49ers, 38-16.