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Click on the 'Super Bowl Starting QBs' link on this page to see the quarterbacks who started for their team in the Super Bowl.

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Q: Is there a List of all jets quarterbacks?
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Can you list the names of all New York Jets quarterbacks since 1986?


What is jets quarterbacks name?

mark sanchez

Is there a list of all UCLA quarterbacks?

Terry donahue

Who were quarterbacks for the NY Jets?

Chad Peniington, Brett Favre

Is there a list of all the active NFL quarterbacks? Not limited to quarterbacks and not the most efficient thing around, but it'll get you there.

List Former Florida State Seminoles Quarterbacks?

A list of former Florida State Seminoles quarterbacks includes James Winston, Chris Weinke, and Charlie Ward. All are Heisman Trophy winners.

Who were the five quarterbacks from Maryland that played in the NFL at the same time?

Between 1992-1996, former Maryland QBs Boomer Esiason (Bengals, Jets, Cardinals), Stan Gelbaugh (Seahawks), Neil O'Donnell (Steelers, Jets), Frank Reich (Bills, Panthers, Jets), and Scott Zolak (Patriots) were all in the NFL.

NY jets quarterbacks?

The current quarterback for the New York Jets is Mark Sanchez and his backup is Tim Tebow. For more sports information check out and for more Jets information follow the link on the website to the jets101 site.

How many nfl quarterbacks have won a national championship in college?

The only one I know is Joe Namath...with the Jets and Alabama...

Who are the best quarterbacks ever lived?

Best quarterbacks of all time would include Bennie Friedman, Sammy Baugh, Johnny Unitas and Bart Starr. __________________________________________________ Those are quarterbacks from years ago. Recent quarterbacks who are definitely also on the list are Joe Montana, Brett Favre, Troy Aikman(sp?), John Elway, and others.

List all black quarterbacks to play football at auburn?

pat washington, reggie slack, daymien craig, jason cambell

List of Alabama quarterbacks who ore number 11?

Alec Morris