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alot of people

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Q: Who are all the quarterbacks who have played in Super Bowl?
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Is there a list of all quarterbacks who have ever been in the Super Bowl?

Click on the 'Super Bowl Starting QBs' link on this page to see the quarterbacks who started for their team in the Super Bowl.

All quarterbacks who led dallas to Super Bowl?

Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman.

Which three NFL quarterbacks were drafted in the 1983 NFL Draft?

Jim Kelly, John Elway and Hall of Famer Dan Marino have all played in a Super Bowl. --------------------------------- Marino never made it to the super bowl.

Has the Super Bowl always been played on Sunday?

Yes. The 2008 Super Bowl is the 42nd Super Bowl played and all 42 will have been played on a Sunday.

Who was shortest QB to win a Super Bowl?

The shortest quarterbacks to ever win a Super Bowl were all six feet tall. They are:Len Dawson, Kansas City Chiefs, Super Bowl IVJoe Theismann, Washington Redskins, Super Bowl XVIIDrew Brees, New Orleans Saints, Super Bowl XLIV

How many Super Bowl appearances have the San Francisco 49er?

The 49ers have played in 5 Super Bowls. Super Bowl XVI, Super Bowl XIX, Super Bowl XXIII, Super Bowl XXIX. The 49ers have won all 5 Super Bowls they have played in.

How many players on the Seattle Seahawks have ever played in a super bowl?

No one on the Seahawks has played in a Super Bowl before. Super Bowl XLVIII will be the first time for all of them.

What NFL teams never played in the Super Bowl?

Here's a link that will tell you all of the Super Bowl winners up to last year's Super Bowl, no new teams played the 2011 Super Bowl. It was played by Super Bowl veterans the Steelers and the Packers. The list at the bottom is up to date.

Name all 4 Minnesota Vikings quarterbacks for Super Bowl games?

Actually, there were only two. Joe Kapp was the starting QB in Super Bowl IV and Fran Tarkenton was the starter in Super Bowls VIII, IX, and XI.

Has there ever been a Super Bowl played on Saturday?

No, all Super Bowls have been played on a Sunday.

What are all the teams who played for the Super Bowl?

dallas cowboys

Who are all the bears pro bowl quarterbacks?

Jim McMahon

Who are the quarterbacks who have gone to the super bowl as a rookie?

No rookie starting quarterback has ever taken their team to the Super Bowl. Four rookie quarterbacks have made the Championship game (Joe Flacco, Ben Roethlisberger, Mark Sanchez, Shaun King) but all have failed to lead their respective teams to the NFL's promised land.

What are all of the Super Bowl rematches?

6 Super Bowl XIII Super Bowl XVII Super Bowl XXIII Super Bowl XXVIII Super Bowl XXX Super Bowl XLVI

What teams played for all Super Bowl games?

Um.... None.

How many rookie quarterbacks have won the Super Bowl?

While no true rookie quarterback has ever reached the Super Bowl, two quarterbacks have taken their teams all the way and won Super Bowls their first years as starters. This feat was first accomplished by Kurt Warner of the St. Louis Rams, followed by Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.

What 3 NFL players played in the NFL and Super Bowl?

Brett Favre (Green Bay Packers), Tom Brady (New England Patriots), and Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints). They are all Quarterbacks.

What city have all three colts Super Bowl appaarances been in?

Miami.The Colts played Super Bowls III and V at the Orange Bowl and Super Bowl XLI at Dolphin Stadium.

Why is the Super Bowl played in the evening instead of the afternoon?

There was a time when the Super Bowl was played on Sunday afternoons, but today it is all about television ratings and advertising . The networks and their advertisers prefer to have the Super Bowl played as close to prime time as possible to ensure maximum television viewing.

What team has played in 4 Super Bowl games but lost them all?

The bills =D They were in the super bowl from 90-94 and lost all 4 games. Courtesy to Jaydan ;)

Who was the coach of the New England Patriots in super bowl XXXIV?

The Patriots did not play in Super Bowl XXXIV. That was the Rams and Titans. The PAtriots played in Super Bowl XXXVI, against the Rams, Super Bowl XXXVIII against the Panthers, and Super Bowl XXXIX against the Eagles. Bill Belichick was coach for all of these.

What are the names of all winning Super Bowl quarterbacks?

Super Bowl I - Bart Starr Super Bowl II - Bart Starr Super Bowl III - Joe Namath Super Bowl IV - Len Dawson Super Bowl V - Johnny Unitas Super Bowl VI - Roger Staubach Super Bowl VII - Bob Griese Super Bowl VIII - Bob Griese Super Bowl IX - Terry Bradshaw Super Bowl X - Terry Bradshaw Super Bowl XI - Ken Stabler Super Bowl XII - Roger Staubach Super Bowl XIII - Terry Bradshaw Super Bowl XIV - Terry Bradshaw Super Bowl XV - Jim Plunkett Super Bowl XVI - Joe Montana Super Bowl XVII - Joe Theismann Super Bowl XVIII - Jim Plunkett Super Bowl XIX - Joe Montana Super Bowl XX - Jim McMahon Super Bowl XXI - Phil Simms Super Bowl XXII - Doug Williams Super Bowl XXIII - Joe Montana Super Bowl XXIV - Joe Montana Super Bowl XXV - Jeff Hostetler Super Bowl XXVI - Mark Rypien Super Bowl XXVII - Troy Aikman Super Bowl XXVIII - Troy Aikman Super Bowl XXIX - Steve Young Super Bowl XXX - Troy Aikman Super Bowl XXXI - Brett Favre Super Bowl XXXII - John Elway Super Bowl XXXIII - John Elway Super Bowl XXXIV - Kurt Warner Super Bowl XXXV - Trent Dilfer Super Bowl XXXVI - Tom Brady Super Bowl XXXVII - Brad Johnson Super Bowl XXXVIII - Tom Brady Super Bowl XXXIX - Tom Brady Super Bowl XL - Ben Roethlisberger Super Bowl XLI - Peyton Manning Super Bowl XLII - Eli Manning Super Bowl XLIII - Ben Roethlisberger Super Bowl XLIV - Drew Brees Super Bowl XLV - Aaron Rodgers

Where can I find a list of all the Super Bowls played?

Click on the 'Super Bowl Champions' link to see the list of Super Bowls.

What is the only undefeated Super Bowl team?

As of the 2008 season, the San Francisco 49'ers have won all five Super Bowls they played in. The Jets, Ravens, and Buccaneers have won the only Super Bowl they played in.

What are the names of all winning Super Bowl quarterbacks to win 2 Super Bowls?

As of the end of the 2009 NFL Season, the Winning Super Bowl Quarterbacks to Win at least two Super Bowls are:Note: The number in () is the number of times, as of 2009, the QB has won the Super Bowl.Bart Starr (2), Green Bay Packers, Super Bowl I & II.Roger Staubach (2), Dallas Cowboys, Super Bowl VI & XII.Bob Griese (2), Miami Dolphins, Super Bowl VII & VIII.Terry Bradshaw (4), Pittsburgh Steelers, Super Bowl IX, X, XIII & XIV.Jim Plunkett (2), Oakland Raiders/Los Angeles Raiders, Super Bowl XV & XVIII.Joe Montana (4), San Francisco 49ers, Super Bowl XVI, XIX, XXIII & XXIV.Troy Aikman (3), Dallas Cowboys, Super Bowl XXVII, XXVIII & XXX.John Elway (2), Denver Broncos, Super Bowl XXXII & XXXIII.Tom Brady (3), New England Patriots, Super Bowl XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX.Ben Roethlisberger (2), Pittsburgh Steelers, Super Bowl XL & XLIII.