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Q: How many league goals did Diego Maradona score for Barcelona against Real Madrid?
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How will finish Barcelona vs Real Madrid in Uefa Champions League 2010-2011?

Real Madrid 0-2 Barcelona Barcelona 4-0 Real Madrid

Real Madrid VS Barcelona soccer record?

Barcelona beat real Madrid 5-0 in Spanish league. Barcelona has won many matches on real Madrid.

Will Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atletico de Madrid be in the next league after being in the Superleague?


What is the head-to-head score of uefa champions league matches between real Madrid and Barcelona?

In the champion league matches Real Madrid has won 9 cups Barcelona have won 3 cups.

Who are are the best team in the world?

Real Madrid and Barcelona are the Best in Spanish League . :)

What was the last result of Real Madrid and Barcelona?

1-1 in the Champions league.

What champions league team is in Spain?

Barcelona and Real Madrid have won the championship.

Which spanish clubs have played in the champions league?

Real Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Valencia.

Will Real Madrid and other clubs like FC Barcelona play against clubs like Manchester city Manchester united why?

Perhaps they will in the UEFA champions league.

What players have scored for 4 different teams in the champions league?

It is nickolas anelka with Arsenal, Chelsea and Real madrid, and Luis figo with Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter Milan. Ronald with Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter Milan.

Who have won the champions league la liga?

Both Barcelona and Real Madrid have won the Laliga and the Champion league as well.

What team did Barcelona beat to reach the 2010-2011 champions league final?

Real Madrid.

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