Who have won the champions league la liga?

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Both Barcelona and Real Madrid have won the Laliga and the Champion league as well.

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Q: Who have won the champions league la liga?
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Players who have won la liga the champions league the fa cup and the premiership?

David Beckham

How did fc Barcelona do this past seasson 2105?

They won the La Liga and Copa Del Ray but not the UEFA Champions league

How many times has messi won the spanish league with barceloa?

He has won La Liga with Barcelona four times. He was won the Copa Del Ray once. He has won the Champions League twice.

What players have won the premier league champions league and la liga?

They are three that come to my mind, Theirry Henry, david beckham and Claude Makalelee.

Players to have won champions league premier league FA cup la liga?

Thierry Henry, David Beckham and Claude Makelele come to mind.

What current Premier League player has won La Liga and the Premiership and has 2 Champions League medals?

Claude Makelele But he ain't in Prem any more

How many times have Barcelona won La Liga and UEFA Champion League?

Barcelona have won La Liga 18 times and the UEFA Champions League twice (2). The years for each being:La Liga # 1929 # 1945 # 1948 # 1949 # 1952 # 1953 # 1959 # 1960 # 1974 # 1985 # 1991 # 1992 # 1993 # 1994 # 1998 # 1999 # 2005 # 2006 UEFA Champions League# 1992 # 2006

How many spanish teams have played in the champions league?

The top two teams in the Spanish La liga qualify for the Champions League.

What medals and cups has thierry Henry won?

world cup, euro 2012, champions league, la liga, premier league, fa cup, community shield

How many leagues does Real Madrid play for?

La Liga, Champions League - (2)

Who won a champions league winners medal a uefa cup medal a spl medal an epl medal and a la liga medal?

Henrik Larson

Is the UEFA champions league more expensive than the spanish La liga cup?

i think it is

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