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Real Madrid.

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2013-05-27 22:12:28
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Q: What team did Barcelona beat to reach the 2010-2011 champions league final?
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Who one the champions league manu or Barcelona?

I think you are referring to the 2011 Champions lEague final. If that is the case, Barcelona won the Champions league final. They won 3-1.

Who won the champions league final in rome?


When did Barcelona won there fast champions league?

Barcelona won their last Champions League in 2011. They defeated Manchester United in the final.

Who was refferee for champions league quarter final in Barcelona when Barcelona played in the 1988?

Barcelona didn't reach the quarter final in 1988.

Who did Arsenal loose to in 2006 champions league final?

Arsenal lost the 2006 Champions League final to FC Barcelona. They lost the final 2-0.

When did Man you meet Barcelona in the champions league final?

In 2009. Barcelona won 2-0.

How many times have arsenal been champions league champions?

0 There been in the the Champions League Final losing 2-1 to Barcelona

Have Arsenal ever won the Champions League?

they reached the final but lost to Barcelona

Who Win UEFA Champions League Final 2011 Prediction?

The winner will be Barcelona.

Who is winners of champions league 2008-2009?

Barcelona were the winners of the Champions League in season 2008-2009, beating Manchester United in the final.

Was Motta sent off in champions league final?

No, no-one was sent off in the Champions League Final. Motta was sent off in the semi-final second leg against Barcelona, though.

Did the referee get paid in the arsenal vs Barcelona champions league final?


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