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Q: How many gold medals can one win in a single olympic in swimming?
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What award did phelps win in the 2008 Olympics?

Most decorated swimming, most Olympic gold medals all time, and most Olympic Gold medals in a single game.

Who holds the most Olympic gold medals in individual events in a single Olympic year?

Michael Phelps 2008 with 8 golds in swimming

What female has won the most olympic medals in a single olympic games?

Kristin Otto (6 Gold medals in a single Olympic).

Who won seven Olympic gold medals in swimming in 1972?

Mark Spitz won Seven Gold Medals

Who won the most gold oliympic medals in swimming?

The most amount of gold medals ever won at a single Olympic swimming competition was 8, and it was done by Michael Phelps of the US at the Beijing 2008 summer Olympics.

How many gold medals has US won in Olympic swimming?


Who won seven Olympic swimming gold medals 1n 1988?

Mark Spitz Luvbuneez10: I donno who it is but not Mark Spitz 'cos he won 7 olympic gold medals for swimming in 1972! No Offence...

How many is the most gold medals ever won in a single olympic game?

The most won by a single athlete is 8 - Mark Spitz of the USA. (Swimming)

Who won 7 1972 olympic gold medals in swimming?

Richard cumming

Who has won the most olympic gold medals in swimming?

Michael Phelps (USA)

Are Olympic medals gold?

No. Olympic gold medals are gold-plated.

Which female athlete has won the most Olympic gold medals for swimming and how many medals has she won?

Natalie Coughlin of the USA won a total of 5 medals in Beijing. 1 Gold, 2 Silver, and 3 bronze This was the most a women has every won in a single olympic games...

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