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The Netherlands won 4 gold medals in the Olympic Games.

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Q: How many gold medals Netherlands won in Olympic field hockey?
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Who won the most olympic medals for India?

Their Olympic Field Hockey Team.

Who won womens olympic hockey?

Hockey or women's Field Hockey was won by the Netherlands

What country has won the most medals in women's field hockey?

Netherlands. Women's field hockey debuted as a medal sport at the 1980 Games in Moscow. Netherlands has won 6 medals (2 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze), the most of any country.

What country has won the most medals in the Olympics for field hockey?

Through the 2008 Games in Beijing, Netherlands has won the most field hockey Olympic medals with 14 (4 gold, 4 silver, 6 bronze). India (8 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze) and Australia (4 gold, 3 silver, 4 bronze) are tied for second with 11.

When was the Men's Field Hockey introduced in the Olympic?

The Men's Field Hockey was introduced in the Olympic first time in the Summer Olympic of 1908 held in London.

Is field hockey is a winter olympic sport?

Ice Hockey

Is indoor hockey an Olympic sport?

No, only ice hockey and field hockey are.