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6 gold medals.

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2009-08-05 22:43:59
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Q: How many swimming Gold medals did Australia win at the Bejiing Olympics?
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Who won the most medals at the bejiing Olympics?

Michael phelps

How many bronze medals have Australia won at the Olympics in swimming?


How many medals did Australia win for swimming?

Australia won ten medals at the 2012 Summer Olympics for swimming, including one gold, six silver, and three bronze medals.

What is Australia's best sport in the Olympics?

Swimming is Australia's best Olympic sport. Out of the 143 Gold medals that Australia has won in Olympics, as of 2014, swimming makes up 58 of them.

How many medals has Australia won in swimming for 2008?

Australia won 20 medals in swimming at the Beijing Olympics. This included 6 Gold, 6 Silver and 8 Bronze.

Which event did Michael phelp won?

Michael phelps won all glod medals in the bejiing Olympics

What made Stephanie Rice famous?

Winning gold medals swimming for Australia at the Olympics.

How many swimming medals did Australia win in the 2008 Olympics?

Australia won 20 swimming medals (6 gold, 6 silver, 8 bronze) at the 2008 Games in Beijing.

What event in the Olympics does Australia win most gold medals?

As of the 2008 Games, that would be swimming. Australia has won 50 gold medals in swimming. Second is athletics with 18 gold medals and third is cycling with 13 gold medals.

What sport did Australia win most medals in at the London Olympics?

Swimming won them 10 Medals including a Gold Medal 6 Silver medals and 3 Bronze Medals

How many medals Australia won at the 1904 Olympics?

Australia won 4 medals (3 silver, 1 bronze) at the 1904 Games in St. Louis. All 4 medals were won by Frank Gailey in swimming.

How many silver medals have Australia won in the Olympics?

Australia has won a total of 137 silver medals at summer Olympics and 0 at the winter Olympics.

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