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8 Olympic Medals.

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2010-03-02 02:28:40
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Q: How many gold medals does Apolo Ono have?
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How gold medals has Apolo Ono won?


How many olympic medals does Apollo ono have?

After the conclusion of the 2010 winter Olympics and his Olympic skating career, he had won 8 medals: two gold, two silver, and four bronze.

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Who is the male US speed skating champion?

There is a champion for every distance, for the 500m (the shortest distance) it's Apolo Anton Ono.

Who won three gold medals at the 1960 Olympics?

Four athletes won three gold medals at the 1960 Summer Games in Rome: 1) Larissa Latynina, USSR - gymnastics 2) Takashi Ono, Japan - gymnastics 3) Chris von Saltza, USA - swimming 4) Wilma Rudolph, USA - athletics Gymnast Boris Shakhlin of the USSR won the most gold medals (4) at the 1960 Summer Games in Rome. No athlete won three gold medals at the 1960 Winter Games in Squaw Valley.

Who has collected the most Winter Olympic hardware than any other American?

Short track speed skater Apollo Ono with 8 medals

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