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Lee and Richard Petty

Richard and Kyle Petty

Kyle and Adam Petty

Bobby and Davey Allison

Dale Sr. and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale Sr. and Kerry Earnhardt

Ned and Dale Jarrett

Dale and Jason Jarrett

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Q: How many father's and son's have been in Nascar racing?
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How many years has Jeff Gordon been racing in the Nascar Cup Series?

As of 2011, Jeff Gordon has been racing full time in the Nascar Cup Series for a total of 19 years. He ran one race in 1992.

How many female drivers are there in NASCAR?

There are not many female drivers in Nascar right now. The most famous woman in Nascar is currently Danica Patrick. She started racing in 2005 for Nascar.

How many years has Jimmie Johnson been racing in the Nascar Cup Series?

Jimmie Johnson has been driving in the Nascar Cup Series full time from 2002-2013. In 2001, he only ran three races.

Where can one go to watch trucks racing?

Truck racing is becoming a big part of NASCAR and drag racing. NASCAR Truck races are held at many NASCAR tracks across the country. Truck drag racing can be found at many drag strips across the country as well. Alternatively one can always catch the truck races on TV and YouTube.

How many current NASCAR drivers are black?

Currently, there are no black drivers in any of the top three Nascar racing series.

How many gallons does the pit crew gas can hold in Nascar racing?

The Nascar gas can holds 11 gallons of fuel.

Is NASCAR rigged?

Nascar tries very hard to keep racing as equal as possible, there are those who push the boundaries and have been caught and issued heavy fines and suspensions with loss of many points. NO.

How many Dodges are used in NASCAR racing?

Zero...Dodge pulled out after the 2012 season.

Why are there so many adjustments made to cars when racing Nascar?

they want the cars to be as good as can be

How many NASCAR Racers are there in all of NASCAR history?

there have been 847 drivers in nascar

How many years did Jeff Gordon race in the Nascar Cup Series?

Jeff Gordon competed in one race in 1992, and has been racing full time from 1993 to the present season in the Nascar Cup Series.

Where are the Richard Petty cheat codes for Nascar kart racing on Wii?

Many cheat codes are available for NASCAR Kart Racing on the Wii Console. The Richard Petty cheat codes are available online.

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