Which sports are explosive

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Badminton, Baseball, Hockey, Drag Racing, Nascar, and many others.

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Baseball with grenades

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oh yeah

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Q: Which sports are explosive
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What sports use the atp-pc system?

Explosive, short length activities such as weightlifting or the 100m. They involve a short burst of maximal effort

Is chlorine explosive?

Chlorine itself is not explosive; however, it can react with other substances to form explosive compounds. It is important to handle chlorine with care and follow safety protocols to prevent any potentially hazardous reactions.

Is sulfur explosive?

Sulfur itself is not explosive, but it can support combustion and may become explosive when mixed with other substances, such as saltpeter or charcoal, to form gunpowder. Pure sulfur typically combusts to produce sulfur dioxide gas rather than an explosion.

Is the 1902 eruption of mt pelee non explosive or explosive?


Is mt shasta a explosive or a non-explosive volcano?

Mount Shasta is considered a potentially explosive stratovolcano due to its composition of andesite and dacite lava which can lead to explosive eruptions. However, its most recent eruptions have been relatively non-explosive with mainly effusive lava flows.

What is a sentence for the word explosive?

The explosive device detonated with a deafening bang, sending debris flying in all directions.

Why is chicken an explosive?

Chicken is not an explosive.

Is the nickel explosive?

No, a nickel is not explosive.

Is acid rain explosive?

No it is not explosive.

Can pie be explosive?

No, a pie can not be explosive.

Is fermium explosive?

Fermium is not inherently explosive. It is a radioactive element that is highly unstable and not found in nature. It is primarily used for research purposes and has not been used in explosive applications.

Is El Chichon a none explosive or explosive volcano?

Explosive because u suck