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Zero...Dodge pulled out after the 2012 season.

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Q: How many Dodges are used in NASCAR racing?
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Are lamborghini's racing cars?

yes, they can be used as racing cars, but would not qualify for FORMULA1 racing or NASCAR.

What was used in a NASCAR race?

Racing fuel, Goodyear tires, everything on a Nascar car basically.

How many tires are used in a NASCAR race?

All Nascar teams will over the coarse of the weekend with practice and racing will typically use about a thousand tires.

What engine is used in Nascar Nationwide Series racing?

What king of engines are used

Is Thrust SCC a NASCAR car?

No it is not. A Thrust SSC car is a jet propelled car. A Nascar car is a stock car used for auto racing.

What is a restrictor plate in NASCAR racing?

A restrictor plate is a device used to reduce air flow and horsepower in a nascar engine. The restrictor plates are used at Talledega and Daytona to reduce speeds for safety.

How many people go to local racetracks and watch Nascar?

All the people I know, and I used to race at many tracks, and alot of motorcycle racers watch also, If people like local track racing its a good bet they like Nascar, as far as I know all Nascar drivers came from small tracks. My husband and I sponsor a short tracker and we and about 400 other short track fans travel 1&1/2 minimum to see the racing ======================= A figure quoted by racing journalist Chris Economaki puts the number at 55 million.

What type of engine is used in Nascar racing?

Cast Iron 5.7L V8 Aluminum cylinder heads 358 c.i. max-800 HP

Can a Thrust SSC car compete in NASCAR?

No. A Thrust SSC car is a British jet propelled car. It is not a stock car that is used in auto racing.

Are mustangs used in NASCAR?

No mustangs are not used in nascar the cars in nascar are the "official stock car of nascar"

Indy Racing League cars use what fuel and what makes it different from the fuel used in Nascar and Formula One cars?

Indycars and F1 cars use alcohol-based fuels. NASCAR uses high-octane gasolines.

What a 19R1 axxess key used for?

Jeep wrangler.

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