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All countries play sport.

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Q: How many different country play sports?
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What is different between normal sports and strange sports?

normal sports have many different people that play it

How many sports do they play?

China Plays 16 different sports

Do you use do or play or go with different sports?

It would be play, as the sentence would read for example, 'Do you play different sports?','Pintsinker has played many different sports in his lifetime', or even 'Pintsinker is hopeless at playing different sports'.

What girls play world wide sports?

many girls from many countries play different kinds of sports

How do you say play many sports?

you would say i play loads of different sports activities

What sports do they say in France?

in France they say many different sports but do you mean what sports do the play in France?

What other sports found in other country?

There are many different sports that are played in various country's around the world. Cricket is popular in several countries. Sloop sailing is a sport played in the Bahamas. In Finland they play pesapallo.

How many different sports can an athlete play in the Olympics?

30 events

How many sports does Brian Mckeever play?

He is a cross country skier and biathlete

How many different sports are played in Africa?

they play many sports their but it is just for fun! the biggest sport their is probaly soccer.

What Sports Does Harlem Play?

The Harlem Globetrotters play in many different places around the world.

What different sports do people play?

There are many sports out there for people to play. Baseball, football, soccer, basketball, hockey, swimming, track and field.

What sports do they play in Latvia the country?

What sport's do they play in Latvia

What sports are in different country?

there are lots of sports in other countrys that the UK does not play as much as some other forien people take baseball the Americans play it but the UK doesn't as much

Do the Germans play the same sports the English do?

yes, they both play sports such as football but then they both have different sports

How many girls play sports?

9,675,354 Play sports

Does china have right to play sports?

YES!! Just because they are a different country than us, it doesn't mean that they don't have the right to play sports! Asking that question is just being racist!

What kind of sports do they play in Germany?

There are many different types of sports in Germany but the main one is soccer. They also ski and do many winter sports. Hiking is a popular activity.

What sports do afghans play?

Afghans play many sports. Some of sports were soccer (football), baseball, and many more. Girls were not play sports but they could watch.

How many sports did Greeks play a year?

Greeks did not play sports.

What are the most popular sports in Argentina?

Argentina is a small country. They are play many game. But I think Football is the most popular sports in Argentina.

What different sports do Africans play?

Africa is a very large continent and is inhabited by many different cultures. The history of each country also has been reflected in the types of sports people play. One of the most popular games is futbol. In Olympics though athletes from Africa usually show great excellence in different athletic disciplines.

Why are there different kinds of sports?

there are different types of sports so they know what country to put the Olympics in so athlete's could get a chance to play the things they have to do and without sports we would all be fat and also we need them so that we could not get bored

Do the dominican repbulic play sports different from the US?

baseball and soccer are their two main sports that they play

What sports do Catholics play?

Catholics play all kinds of sports. They do not have a preferrence as everybody has different tastes.