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normal sports have many different people that play it

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Q: What is different between normal sports and strange sports?
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Differences between athletics and sports?

They're both actually sports... but athletics is a different type of sports... For example, high jump or long jump... Other than that is normal sports... :) Hope this helps...

What is the different between sports and games?

Games can be things like team or invasion games. Sports is, well sports!

What is the difference between contact sport and sports?

that in one you can contact but in the other its normal

What is the difference between a normal sports shoe and a football shoe?

the football shoe has spikes and the sports shoe doesn't

What are the differences between a sports car and a normal car?

A sports car is the sportier, flashier car of the two. Sports cars are usually designed to look "cool" and stand out. Normal cars are more practical for families and those who just want a car to get to places with.

What is the difference between a normal Wii and a Red Wii?

Well, there is a color difference. And the normal Wii comes with Wii Sports only. (May vary because some come with Wii Sports Resort) but the Red Wii comes with a Mario game and Wii Sports.

What is the order of most popular sports in Finland?

Well like any other normal people Ball, it was just played different in our sports similar to the US

Why is a sports person diet different to a normal persons one?

because they have to make sore their diet is right

What is the different between college sports and high school sports?

um the high school sports has a lower level of compition and less intensity than collage

What is the difference between olympic arena and NHL arena?

there different sports

What are the differences between skateboarding and basketball?

Two totally different sports.

What are the strange sports in Spain?

A strage sport volleyball

What is a competition among schools called?

Competition between teams from different schools is called intermural sports and competition between teams from the same school is called intramural sports.

What is the difference between handball gloves and racquetball gloves?

Raquetball and Handball are two different sports, so the required equipment has different purposes. The gloves of these two sports are also different because they have diiferent appearances.

How does coaching individual sports differ from coaching team sports?

There are differences between coaching individual sports and team sports. The biggest difference is the interaction with the athlete or athlete. Groups have different strengths and weaknesses causing a different approach to coaching to fit a person or person's objectives.

What is a sports car top speed?

As fast as it can go. There are many different sports cars out there, as well as opinions of what defines a sports car. Performance specs vary between vehicles.

You are 12 and you weigh 8 stone For some strange reason you would like to be fat but not like huge huge like fat Still able to do normal things like sports but fat What do you do?

Become An Hero.

What are the different between energy drinks and sports drinks?

Energy drinks give you energy boosts and sports drinks replenish nutrients that you have lost

What are the Similarities between netball and football?

they both use balls and you have got different positions in both sports

What is a strange sports fact?

When Badminton was invented in India it was known as Poona.

What will happen if there is no sports in this world?

The world will probably still go on, but it will be a strange world indeed, since there is documented evidence that sporting events and athletic competition go back thousands of years and were always considered a normal part of life.

What is the difference between the Winter Olympics and the Summer Olympics?

The Winter Olympics have competitions for sports that are considered 'cold weather sports' .... sports that can only be done on snow or ice. These sports include skiing, speed skating, and ski jumping. The Summer Olympics have competitions for sports that are considered 'warm weather sports'. These sports include athletics (track and field), marathon, and equestrian. There are Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics because you can play different sports in different seasons.

What is a primary different between squash and other racquet sports?

The balls are very small and come in varying speeds.

What is the average cost of Champion Sports Bras?

A sports bra manufactured by Champion appears to fall in the range between ten dollars and forty dollars. The prices have different ranges because there are multiple designs with different purposes.

Is it normal to hate playing and watching sports?

It is not normal or abnormal. It is all in the personality. Some people may like sports some may not. So there is no way to really classify it has "Normal".