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Q: How many cricket teams are there in the US?
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Is cricket a lady sport?

there are many womens cricket teams

How many cricket teams are in the world?


How many cricket teams are there in London?


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Is there cricket teams in Portsmouth?

no there are no cricket teams in Portsmouth:)!!

How many teams played in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011?

14 teams

How many cricket teams are there in cricket?

All the commonwealth nations are capable to be on an INTERNATIONAL LEVEL in Cricket The teams who have acquired the Test status include INDIA, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, West Indies, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, England, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh Also look at for more knowledge about this helps you out in detail if anything

How many teams have won the ICC cricket world cup?


How many player in cricket team?

two teams of 11 players

How many teams are there in the 2011 ICC cricket world cup?


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In YPL how many team sceleted in cricket match?

2 teams