Is cricket a lady sport

Updated: 8/16/2019
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there are many womens cricket teams

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Q: Is cricket a lady sport
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Most watched sport cricket?

cricket is not the most watched sport football is but cricket surtently is the most loved sport

Englands national sport?


Is cricket a Olympic sport?

No cricket is not an Olympics sport (but i wish it could beee......)

Is cricket the favourite sport in India?

Even though it's not the national sport, cricket is by far the most popular sport.

What is India is sport?

india'sFav sport is Cricket

What is England's national sport?

Football is the highest watched and voted their national sport

Which Commonwealth Games was cricket included as a sport?

Cricket was included as a Commonwealth Games sport in 1998.

What is the national sport of Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe's national sport is soccer.

Which sport has the most rules cricket or rugby?


What was cricket?

cricket was is a sport that if you were alive you would know what it was!!!!

In which sport does australia play for the 'ashes'?


In which sport do players compete for ashes?