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Q: How many teams have won the ICC cricket world cup?
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How many teams played in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011?

14 teams

How many teams played in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007?

16Total 16 teams were in ICC cricket World cup 2007.and 51 matches were played in this world cup

How many teams are there in the 2011 ICC cricket world cup?


How many International cricket teams are there in the world?

International Teams under iCC with Full membership(include test cricket ) are 10 34 assosiate members(these teams do not qualify for Test Cricket), 60 affiliate members(These teams play under the rules of ICC & play ICC event of world cricket league).

How many national teams competed in ICC Cricket world cup?


How many teams perticipated in first icc cricket world cup?

8 teams participated in the opening world cup

How many Asian team competed in 1999 ICC cricket world cup?

Actually no teams as there was no world cup in 1966.

How many teams takes part in ICC t20 world cup 2010?

Not sure of the answer but its a cricket competition - not soccer.

How many teams participated in ICC cricket world cup 1996?

Twelve teams participated in 1996 world cup.Sri Lanka won the world cup for the first time.

What is the duration of ICC Cricket World?

The duration of ICC Cricket World is 1440.0 seconds.

How many cricket teams?

There are 105 members of ICC and out of those,10 are permanent members.

How many teams are participating in icc t20 worldcup 2014?

The 2014 ICC World Twenty20 was the fifth ICC World Twenty20 competition, an international Twenty20 cricket tournament, and it was hosted in Banglaesh and Sri lanka won it by 6 wickets aganst India and 10 teams participated in this

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