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Q: How many competitors do each country have in the 2012 Olympics?
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How many competitors in each country in 2012 Olympics?

Some countries have only a Athlete and others like the USA have 530 see related link

How many athletes from each country in 2012 Olympics?

There do not have the same number in each country

How many contestants were there at the 2004 Olympics?

The answer is 12 - as usual, double the number of rings in the logo (of which each half-ring represents a single competitor). The number of rings, and hence competitors, doubles at each Olympics. This means at the 2012 London Olympics there will be a total of 45 competitors.

Which piece of history will be given to each participating country in Olympics 2012?


What is the person on right carrying when leading the athletes from each country in 2012 Olympics?

part of the cauldron

How many athletes did each country send to the 2012 Olympics?

It varied with the country from as little as two for 11 countries to the 530 for the USA

Who won the Beijing 2008 Olympics?

No one 'wins' the Olympics. There are dozens of different events that competitors participate in and each individual event has a winner.

What do you have to do to go to the Olympics?

During the pre Olympics , each athalete must do well and qualify to reach the Olympics from each country.

How is the order of competitors decided for each sport at the Olympics who goes first last and how is that decided?

It is based on how well they do in the qualifications or if they choose not to do a qualification round. Other times its alphabetical order by country or name

How much is it to get into the Olympics?

each ticket costs £2012

Why were the Olympics held in different places?

The olympics are held in different places to give each country a chance to shine their cultural colors, the are chosen by each country voting what country should present the olympics first.

How many countries competed in the London 2012 Olympics?

205 countries participated in the 2012 London Olympics according to the official London Olympics web site with a total of 10,961 athletes. See related links below for the list of countries and number of athletes from each country.