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During the pre Olympics , each athalete must do well and qualify to reach the Olympics from each country.

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Q: What do you have to do to go to the Olympics?
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How long do the Olympics go for?

the olympics go for 17 days

How long does the Olympics go on for?

the olympics go on for 17 days

How long does the modern Olympics go on for?

Modern Olympics go on for roughly a month.

Did athletes get paid to go to the Olympics in the past?

They did get money to go to the olympics in the past

What Was Worn In The Ancient Olympics?

Nothing was worn in the Olympics, that's why women weren't allowed to go to the Olympics!(only men were allowed to go to the Olympics)

Do you have to be 18 to be in the Olympics?

no, you do not hve to be 18 to go into the olympics

Can volleyball go to the Olympics?

Volleyball is already in the Olympics.

How many americans people go to the Olympics games?

how many Americans go to the Olympics

How many days does the Olympics go on for?

The 2012 olympics go on for 18-20 days I think.

What Olympics did Stephanie rice go to?

Bejing olympics 2008 and is going to 2012 London Olympics

What did harry houdini do in the Olympics?

Harry Houdini did not go or do anything in the olympics.

How many people go and watch the Olympics?

roughly around 50,000 people go and watch the Olympics.

Who goes to the Olympics?

Nowadays, professional athletes selected by their country go to the Olympics.

How do you compete in the Olympics?

first you go to olympic trials pass that and you're are in the Olympics

How do you go to the Olympics?

buying a ticket to london an d to the olympics! From: Luca Gianella

Who were allowed in the original Olympics?

nude men competed in the Olympics back then and married women were not allowed to go to the Olympics

When did the Olympics go metric?


How did the ceremony of the ancient Olympics go?

It did

What did they do in the Olympics?

The Olympics consists of various sports. Athletes that go to the Olympics are the best of the best. They compete with athletes from other countries.

What is the percentage of people who go to the Olympics are sixteen or younger?

what is the percentage of people who make it to the olympics

How many times did Cheryl Bernard go to the Olympics?

2010 was her first time at the Olympics.

Can you enter the Olympics at age 26?

Yes, if you make your countries trails, you can go to the Olympics.

What age do you have to be to go to the Olympics for soccer?


How did Cathy freeman go to the Olympics?


What is the motto of Olympics-2012?

Go for the gold...