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There do not have the same number in each country

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Q: How many athletes from each country in 2012 Olympics?
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How many athletes in olympics 2012?

well it depends on how many athletes that each country take x

What is the person on right carrying when leading the athletes from each country in 2012 Olympics?

part of the cauldron

How many athletes are from each country in the Olympics?


How many athletes did each country send to the 2012 Olympics?

It varied with the country from as little as two for 11 countries to the 530 for the USA

How many countries competed in the London 2012 Olympics?

205 countries participated in the 2012 London Olympics according to the official London Olympics web site with a total of 10,961 athletes. See related links below for the list of countries and number of athletes from each country.

Who selects each country's team of athletes for the Olympics?

That country's Olympic Commission (OC)

Who pays the living expenses at the Olympics for the athletes?

Each country's Olympic committee

Who selects each country's team of athletes in the Olympics?

Whoever has the reddest hair

How many competitors do each country have in the 2012 Olympics?


How many athletes did each country have at the 2012 Olympics individually?

204 countries or NOCs were at the Olympic with from 541 for GB to only 2 for 11 countries. There names and number of athletes are listed in the related link

How many athletes represent each country that is participating in the Olympics?

well how much your mum weighs is the answer

How many people take part in the Olympics each year?

About 2850 athletes competed in the Winter Olympic in Sochi this year. During the 2012 London Olympics, over 10,500 athletes participated.

What is average number of athletes expected to compete at London 2012?

Over 10,000 athletes will complete in the Summer Olympics but the team from each country (NOC) will vary from over 500 for GB and the USA to more than half of the countries with a dozen or less athletes

Which piece of history will be given to each participating country in Olympics 2012?


What is the girl carrying when leading a nation in the parade of nations for Olympics 2012?

In the 2012 Parade of Nations, the girls leading each country's athletes were carrying the petal of a giant flower. Its purpose becomes evident at the end. When the games are finished, the flower will be dismantled and each country gets to take a petal home.

What country has the fewest olympic athletes?

In checking the teams from each country, I found that Nauru has only one athlete participating in the Beijing Olympics. Brunei and Bhutan each have two athletes. There may be other countries with only 1-2 athletes total at the summer Olympic games.

How many athletes from each nation are in the 2008 Olympics?


How do countries determine what athletes go to the Olympics?

Each country usually has Olympic trials and or qualifiers. Then from there If u win the qualifier then u get to represent ur country.

How many athletes per country in 2012 Olympics?

Athletes must qualify for the sport and event and the countries have various amounts with Great Britain as the host country the highest with 541 and a number of countries (10-15 each number) have only 2 3 4 or 5 and 20 countries have 6

How many athletes did each team bring to the Olympics in 2008?


What country have less than 5 athletes competing in the 2012 Olympics?

There are over 50 different countries with only 5 athletes and many more with only 2 3 or 4 athletes each. There are 11 countries having only 2 and the number of countries increases for 3, 4, and 5 (13-15 countries) athletes. 20 countries have only 6 athletes

How many US teams are in the 2012 Olympeics?

One. Each country is allowed to send one team of athletes.

Is Guam able to participate as a country in the Olympics?

Yes. Guam has sent a team of athletes to each Summer Olympic Games since 1988.

Who selects each countries team of athletes for the Olympics?

the comitee of each countries ioc leader

Who won the 2012 Olympics?

The USA had the largest number of medals awarded with 104. China was next with 87. There were 962 medal awards to the athletes and each one won.