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30 teams

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Q: How many baseball teams play now?
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How many baseball teams are there now?

There are 30 teams -- 16 in the National League and 14 in the American League.

How many teams are in the NHL now?

There are 30 teams in the NHL now.

What are the US baseball teams?

Well most teams in baseball are in the US. The only teams that are not in the US are the Toronto Blue Jays, and the Montreal Expos. The Expos are now in the US though, known now as the Washington Nationals.

Names of New York Baseball Teams?

new york yankees, new york mets, new york angels(does not play now)

How many stadiums are in the NHL?

there are 30 arenas that NHL teams play in right now but there use to be other arenas for old teams or the team got a new arena

What teams did Jamie redknapp play for?

No body now he is retired

How many teams did Jerry Rice beat?

Jerry Rice beat 30 teams, 32 if you count the old Browns (now the Ravens) and the Oilers (now the Titans). The only teams in the current NFL he never beat were the Texans and the Jaguars. He did play them both and lost.

How many teams did Randy Moss play for after leaving the patriots?

Three. The Vikings and the Titans in 2010, he now plays for the 49ers.

What team do you play for now?

A person can play for any team that they want. There are sports teams and academic teams that someone can try out for. All someone has to do is practice and do their best.

How many baseball ballplayers are there?

in the majors? around 750 players, not counting the guys on the 40-man roster, which play in the minors, now, for all of baseball, including the 6 minor league teams for each major league club, around 4,500 including the major leaguers

How many basketball teams are there by know?

There are currently 30 teams right now in the NBA.

How many professional ckricket teams are their?

As of now there are only 8 professional test teams. And 9 professional ODI teams. Other teams only feature in world cup matches and they need to go through qualifiers to gain an entry to play in the World Cup. - Vivek Rahul

If you play on a varsity baseball team can you play on another baseball or travel team?

yes. I currently do this now

How many hockey teams are there now?

30 in NHL

How many teams are you the world cup now?


All the american baseball teams?

If you are referring to the american league, there are 14 american league teams as of now. In 2013, the astros will move to the american league.

How many teams used to take part in the world cup?

Formerly there were 24 teams only, now we have 32 teams taking part.

How many Major League Baseball teams were from Canada?

There once were two, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Montreal Expos, now there is just one, the Blue Jays.

How many teams played in the first rugby world cup?

16 teams were first selected now its 20

Which players have played for two of the top four premiership teams?

Silvestre Used to play for Manchester United before and now he play Arsenal.

What sports does Tom Brady play now?

He only plays football now, but he used to play baseball in high school as well

How many cheerleading teams are in the us?

they are like 1.5 milloin teams in the us isn't that alot i mean i didint even now that they had that much cheerleading teams

How many new teams added in ipl?

Till 2010 there were 8 teams in DLF IPL. Now new two teams-Kochi and Pune are added

What nfl teams did Peyton and Eli Manning play for?

Peyton played for the Colts and now the broncos and Eli is playing on the Giants

What teams did cronaldo play on?

Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United, and now he's currently on Real Madrid.