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in the majors? around 750 players, not counting the guys on the 40-man roster, which play in the minors, now, for all of Baseball, including the 6 minor league teams for each major league club, around 4,500 including the major leaguers

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Q: How many baseball ballplayers are there?
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What is senior league baseball?

A league played by former and older ballplayers.

What do you call the players in baseball?

Another name for baseball players would be ballplayers. You may also refer to them by their specific positions.

Who was the Baseball player of the 1990's?

Fellow ballplayers named Ken Griffey Jr. Player of the Decade for the 1990s.

Who did the negro league influence like did it influence famous baseball players.?

Not only famous ballplayers, but also young African Americans

What is a ball club?

A ball club is another term for a ballclub, an informal term for a baseball team.

How many Major League Baseball players are from the Dominican Republic?

Baseball Almanac lists well over 200 active players from the Domincan Republic. Click on the 'Ballplayers from the Domincan Republic' link below to see a list of those players, active and retired, that are from DR and have played in MLB.

Who has had 412 home runs in baseball?

There have been dozens of ballplayers that hit at least 412 career home runs, and as of 2009 no player has finished their career with 412.

Why were baseball cards sold with tobacco?

Baseball cards started as an advertising premium to sell tobacco products. As Baseball became more popular tobacco advertisers sought after the endorsements of baseball players to help sell their products in printed ads. Some of the first baseball cards were simple pictures of ballplayers featuring advertising information.

Who were the players who signed the 1985 all-star game baseball?

Anyone, or all of the ballplayers that played in the 1985 All-Star game could have signed any given baseball. There was also more than one baseball signed, and it would be impossible to know who signed The baseball. You have to be more clear on what you are asking.

Who were the first members of the baseball Hall of Fame?

In 1936 the first five ballplayers elected to the hall of fame were Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson and Walter Johnson.

What kind of shoes do base ballplayers wear?

they wear cleets.

Were is baseball popular?

The main places are USA/Puerto Rico, Japan, the Dominican Republic, and Venezuela, with rising popularity in China and South Korea. A number of ballplayers were also born in such places as Mexico, Canada, Colombia, and Nicaragua.

Which president said good ballplayers make good citizens?

Chester Arthur

Was there a baseball league or team called the Toronto Ship Builders around 1916-1922?

I have looked the Internet over and have found no mention of the Toronto Shipbuilders. I can tell you, from my readings of baseball during that era, that many factories had baseball teams. Many major league ballplayers went to play for factory teams when they were forced to 'work or fight' in 1918 during World War I. So there probably was a team called the Toronto Shipbuilders during that time but I have found no information about it. I would be pleased if someone who reads this could find some information and post it here.

What percent of college baseball players go pro?

Near 23 % of baseball players in the colliegate level manage to play ball in the profesional level. The above answer is utterly ridiculous. The actual number of college ballplayers that end up playing in the majors is no where near 23%. It is not even 1%.

What percentage do the outfielders can catch the ball in baseball?

All ballplayers have a fielding percentage stat listed for them. Anything over 980 is pretty good. Less than that is average or poor depending on the numbers. The lower the number, the more poor he performs.

Do baseball players only play for money?

No. For a ballplayer to become good enough to play professional baseball he would have to have a love for the game. All the work and dedication it takes to play at a professional level cannot be achieved unless the player truly enjoys playing the game.Being successful has been defined as finding something you love to do, and get paid to do it. Ballplayers were not always paid as good as they are today. Many ballplayers in the past had to work a second job during the off season to make ends-meet. They played for love of the game.Today the salaries to play baseball is beyond great, and could be a great motivator to play ball. It could be perceived that greed outweighs the love for the game, and that they are only playing for the money. -Steven KeyMan

How do you get a baseball signed outside of a game?

The best thing to do is get to the stadium early, and wait by the players entrance. Lots of players will sign on the way into the ballpark. You will have plenty of completion as well. During batting practice many ballplayers will stop along the foul lines and sign. Be polite, know the ballplayer's name, and be prepared with a ball and a blue ballpoint pen.

Who is the only center fielder in MLB that has caught a foul ball?

Baseball says White Sox centerfielder Johnny Mostil once caught a foul ball in a spring training game.

When a major league player goes to minors in baseball which team is responsible to pay his salary?

Major league teams pay all salaries of ballplayers they sign to contracts ... those players at the major league level and those at the minor league level.

What is the best way to get a free baseball autograph?

Get to the ballpark early and stand by the player entrance. Some ball players do stop and sign. Before the game make your way to the field. During batting practice many ballplayers will sign along the line. Both ways, you will have plenty of competition. Be sure to come prepared with a pen, and an item to be signed. TTM - Through the mail. Some ballplayers will respond to autograph requests through the Mail. Send a self addressed envelope along with a photo or index card to be signed, and you might get lucky. send it to the team address of the ballplayer you want the autograph for.

Why is baseball so popular in Spanish speaking countries?

It is unknown in Continental Spain. However there have been many major leaguers of Hispanic ancestry such as Roberto Clemente, Keith Hernandez, Sammy Sosa, etc Most hail from Puerto Rico, or Santo Domingo, or possibly Mexico, with no known Continental (Spaniards). There were ballplayers of Cuban descent, pre-Castro. Naturally the (vest-pocket dictator) knocked out Baseball as too ( Yanqui) oriented!

Why is American flag backwards on ballplayers uniforms?

proper wearing has the field of stars closest to your heart.

How many dominicans are currently in mayor league baseball?

There are well over 50 current MLB players that were born in the Dominican Republic. Instead of listing them all here I have included a link on this page called 'Dominican Born Ballplayers'. If you click on the link, not only will you see the current Dominican born players but all players who played in MLB that were born in the Dominican Republic.

Are professional ballplayers eligible for unemployment benefits in the offseason?

No. They are still on the team so the can't file for unemployment.