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Q: How many teams are you the world cup now?
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How many countries have participated in the World Cup up to now?

14-16 teams can participate in the world cup

Whow many Soccer teams qualify for the world cup?

Now a total of 32 countries qualify for a world cup.

How many teams played in the first rugby world cup?

16 teams were first selected now its 20

How many teams used to take part in the world cup?

Formerly there were 24 teams only, now we have 32 teams taking part.

When the rugby world cup first started how many teams were there?

There were 16 teams in the first RWC even. This has since been expanded to the 20 we have now.

How many professional ckricket teams are their?

As of now there are only 8 professional test teams. And 9 professional ODI teams. Other teams only feature in world cup matches and they need to go through qualifiers to gain an entry to play in the World Cup. - Vivek Rahul

How many countries have participated in Cricket World Cup till now?

19 teams out of which East Africa no lnger exists

How many times teams won the world cup?

If your asking how many countries won the cup then they are 7, and they are Argentia, Brazil, Uruguay, England, Germany, Italy and now Spain the world champions of 2010

How many teams are left now in the world cup 2014?

The tournament ended. The answer is zero. Germany defeated Argentina in the Finals 1-0.

How many rugby teams competed in the first rugby world cup?

It was 16 - There are now 20 . However there are more international teams being registered with the IRB since the 1987 and that number continues to grow

How many national basketball teams are there in the world?

There are now over 50 of them, in the world.

How many times has the world cup held in history?

There have been 18 World Cups as of now. The 1 being played now is the 19th So far only 7 teams have been able to lift this trophy.

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