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As Manchester United is a club and not a country it can not win any world cups at all.

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Q: How many World Cup did Manchester win?
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How many cup Manchester United win over all?

Manchester united win fortyeight cup over all

How many world cup's have Manchester United won?

Manchester United is a club team in the English Premier League. Only International teams can win the world cup. But they have won the FIFA Club World Cup once in 2008

What year did Manchester united win the world cup?


How many Manchester united win the fa cup?


How many times did japan win the world cup?

Japan have yet to win the world cup.

Why did Manchester united win the World Cup?

first of all they can't win the world cup, because the world cup is for international teams.(exs US, Brazil, France)second they won quite a few fa cups and champions league cups

How many cup Portugal win?

Portugal will still have to win the world cup.

How many times did new Zealand win in the world cup?

Newzealand have yet to win a world cup.

How many times has Spain win world cup?

Spain have failed to win a world cup as yet.

How many times did Croatia win soccer world cup?

Croatia have yet to win a world cup.

In which years did Manchester United win the Carling Cup?

Manchester United won the Carling Cup in 2003, 2009, and 2010.

How many matches do you have to win to win the world cup in Harry Potter World Cup?

123456789123456789123456789123456789 matches . You can only win with USA

How many Times did Man U win The FA Cup?

Manchester United have won the FA Cup 11 times to date.

What did bobby charlton do for English football?

Sir Bobby Charlton is a icon in English football.He helped them to win the world cup, and helped Manchester United to win their first Champion League cup.

How many times have denamrk won the world cup?

Denmark have yet to win a world cup. But they did win a Euro 1992.

Did Manchester United ever win a would cup?

if you're talking about the club world cup then yes they won it in 2008 they also won the intercontinental cup in 1999

How many trophies did Manchester United win in 1999?

They won 4 trophies in 1999. They won the Intercontinental Cup, European Cup, the Premier League and the FA cup.

What year did Manchester United win their first FA Cup?

Well ... Manchester United first won the F.A cup in the year 1890!

Who is the only footballer to win a world cup and a club championship?

It is Sir Bobby Charlton , with England and with his club Manchester United.

How many World Cup australiya won?

Australia have to win a F.I.F.A. world world cup.

How many cups did Portugal win?

Portugal have yet to win a world cup , and also to win the European cup as well.

How many did porgul win the world cup?

Portugal have never won a world cup.

How many times has Czechslovakia won the world cup?

They have yet to win the world cup.

How many times did Liverpool win fifa club world cup?

Liverpool can only win the e..p.L and not the world cup.

How many time does a country win the football world cup To keep it?

U win it and keep it till the next world cup