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Manchester United win fortyeight cup over all

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Q: How many cup Manchester United win over all?
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Where do Manchester United players originate from?

All over the World

How many times has Manchester united beaten man city?

Manchester United have beaten Manchester City 69 times in all competitions.

How many Manchester united fans are there in Manchester?

none they are all from salford or london

How many time have Manchester United Played Against Manchester City?

Like Tons !! N united has on all of them!!

What was the Attendances of all regular home league matches over the 2012-13 season for Manchester United?

The Attendances of all regular home league matches over the 2012-13 season for Manchester United was 75,530.

How many goals does Wayne Rooney have for Manchester United?

2004/05 - 2010/11; 147 goals in all competitions for Manchester United

Has howard webb ever sent off a Manchester united player?

0 his a united supporter all over

Who has won more matches Liverpool or Manchester United?

Manchester United have won more games (and titles) than any other team in premier league history. Based on all the points accumulated over all the seasons since the league began Manchester United are well ahead of the nearest rivals Arsenal

How many World Cup did Manchester win?

As Manchester United is a club and not a country it can not win any world cups at all.

Is Chelsea a better football team than Manchester united?

If you look at the resent games Manchester united would be better but looking at the simple skills Chelsie have more of that so over all , they have the same level of football.

How many goals has Owen scored for man united in all competitions?

Michael Owen has scored 7 goals for Manchester United in all competitions

Have Aston Villa ever beat Manchester United?

Villa have won Manchester United 44 times in all competitions

Which Football Team Is Better Chelsea Or Manchester United?

Manchester United all the way

How many goals did Cristiano ronaldo scored for Manchester united in all his entire career?


Is Wayne Rooney getting kicked off Manchester United?

No Wayne Rooney is not getting kicked out of Manchester United after all they paid over 24 and a half million pounds for him from Everton. He has been their top scorer last year, but not this year.

Do Manchester United play fair?

Not at all they the Manchester United are always favoured by referees and get penaltys and freekicks , soVhristiano Ronaldo can score them.

Who is the best Manchester United player on the team?

in past,it was critiano ronaldo but today all are good best player of Manchester united

How many penalties 2011 2012 have manchester united had?

Too many!! Refs and linesmen are all paid off by Fergie

Who has won all English league championships?

English league championships have been won by a variety of teams over the years, and, perhaps Manchester United is the most dominant. Over the 2013-2014 season, Manchester City was the winner.?æ

Chelsea biggest win over Manchester United?

21 - 0 manu all look like bigs or either shrek

What are the names of all the Manchester United players 2010?

There are currently over 45 players on Manchester United's books, so I suggest you follow this link to view them all,{91EA3BE2-963A-4BAB-802C-F46A0EF3FCA3}&page=1

What are some of the destinations one could stay at an Radison Hotel?

Radisson Hotels has destinations in 73 different countries, with over 420 locations in them. They have multiple locations in London, Manchester, and many locations all over the United States.

Played for manchester united and manchester city?

Andy Cole, Denis Law, John Macken, Peter Schmeichel, Carlos Tevez Brian Kidd all played for both Manchester City and manchester United

Who scored the most goals in all European competitions for Manchester united?

The person to score most goals for Manchester United is Ruud Van Nistelrooy.

Which is the best football team in Barclay's premire league between Manchester united and Chelsea?

It is Manchester United as they have won more e.P.l. 18 in all.