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It is Sir Bobby Charlton , with England and with his club Manchester United.

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2010-12-17 11:35:14
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Q: Who is the only footballer to win a world cup and a club championship?
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Which is the only british football club to have won the world club championship?

Strictly speaking, no-one, because when Man Utd beat Palmeiras 1-0 in 1999, it was known as the Intercontinental Cup. It's been called the World Club Championship since 2005...

Who was the world footballer of the year in 1970?

The World Footballer of the Year award only began in 1991, so there was no Word Footballer of the Year in 1970.

Who is only footballer to score hattrick at premier league championship f a cup league cup and international level?

Robert earnshaw

Name players who hold a championship medal?

Clarence Seedorff the dutch footballer has won three championship medals. for three clubs the only player to do so . He won it with Ajax, Real Madrid and A.C.Milan.

Who has won a Stanley cup and an olympic gold medal and a world junior hockey championship and a world hockey championship?

The only player I Know for sure to have won all four is Patrice Bergeron of the Boston Bruins. The IIHF has a Triple Gold Club of players who have won a World Championship, an Olympic Gold, and the Stanley Cup. It does NOT include those who have also won a WJC.

How many times did Pele win the world cup?

Pele the greatest footballer ever , is the only footballer ever to win three world cup finals.

Players who have won champions league with more than 1 club?

The only footballer to win two Champion League medals with two diffrent clubs is the French footballer Marseille Desailly.

What player has played in all English divisions fa and league cup champions league uefa cup uefa super cup intertoto cup fifa club championship commuity shield la liga and his country?

Kanu , and he is the only footballer to be relegated as well , with Portsmouth.

Was ronaldo lima once the best player in world?

Yes Ronaldo Lima was the only footballer in the world with Zidane to ever win the F.I.F.A footballer of the year three times.

Who is only footballer in world cup history to score for two different countries in world cups?

The answer is........SPAIN!!

Who played in 3 World Cup finals?

The Brazalian Pele is the only footballer to play in three world cup finals . And is also theonly footballer to win three world cup final medals.

How many championship titles does FC Barcelona have?

Barcelona have won the championship three times, but they are the only club to play each year in the champion league , since it started in 1950.

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