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About 137 athletes

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Q: How many South African athletes participated in the 2008 Olympic Games?
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What Olympic events did Caribbean Athletes participate in the 2008 Olympic Games?

they participated in the running

Are Romania sending a team of athletes to the 2012 olympic games?

Of course, Romania participated to the Olympic Games of London in 2012.

When has there been independent athletes before?

Never. The 2012 Olympic games in London were the first games "independent athletes" participated seperatly from a country.

How many athletes participate in the Olympic games from all over the world?

10,625 athletes participated in the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. 2,508 athletes participated in the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin.

How many athletes participated in the 1968 Mexico Summer Olympics?

How many number of nations participated olympic games in 1908

Did the Spartans or the Athenians participate in the Olympic Games?

Actually, they did hold Olympic Games and we can infer that if they held them, then they participated in them. Although their Olympic games are a bit different because they gave unusuall tests for their athletes.

How many athletes from Greenland participated in 2008 Olympics?

0.Through the 2008 Games, Greenland has never participated in an Olympic Games.

How many men athletes participated in the 2008 summer Olympic games?

6450 men

What was the only sport that athletes participated in during the first Olympic games?

Disk throwing

How many athletes participated in the Sydney 2000 Olympic games?

10,651 athletes (6,582 men, 4,069 women) from 199 nations competed in the 2000 Games in Sydney.

How many Maltese athletes participated in 2012 olympic games?

Five athletes were selected to the team to compete only in 3 different sports.

How many athletes participated in the 2008 Olympics?

The International Olympic Committee estimates there will be 10,500 athletes from 205 countries participating in the 2008 Games.

How many athletes train for the Olympics?

today tens of thousands of people come to participate in the olympic games but back in the ancient times only the villagers of Greece participated in the games There are 11,028 Athletes in the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

How many athletes participated in the first commonwealth games?

550 athletes participated in the first commonwealth games

Who won gold from New Zealand in the 1980 olympic games?

No athlete from New Zealand won gold at the 1980 Summer Olympic Games in Moscow. The New Zealand Olympic Committee officially boycotted those Games and the athletes from New Zealand that did participate were competing under the flag of the New Zealand Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association. Five athletes participated and no medals were won.

Which Athletes have competed in the most Olympic Games?

Ian Millar holds the record for most Olympic game appearances with 10. He participated in Equestrian from 1972-76 and 1984-2012.

What country has participated in every olympic games?

New Zealand has participated in all olympic games

Who particapated in the Olympic games?

Greece soldiers participated in the Olympic Games

Was Florida in the 2012 Olympics?

No Florida is a state and any athletes from the state who participated in the 2012 London games would likely be part of the US Olympic Team

How many players participated in the 2010 Commonwealth Games?

6081 athletes participated at the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

How many meadls has England won in olympic games?

England along with Switzerland and France are the only three countries to have participated in every summer and winter Olympic games. English athletes have won 780 medals in summer and 22 medals in winter Olympics games.

How many times has Mexico been in the Olympics?

The country of Mexico participated for the first time in the summer Olympic games in the year of 1900, and had sent athletes for the games consistently since the year 1924. In total Mexico had participated in 27 summer events and in 13 Winter Olympics events. Mexican athletes had won a total of 62 medals.

How many people paticipated in summer olympic games in Beijing?

At the summer games in Beijing, 11,028 athletes participated from 204 countries, and many thousands more volunteered and helped organize the events.

Did the olympic games start in 1879?

The first modern Olympics were held in Athens in 1896. There were 14 nations who participated in 43 competitions with over 200 athletes participating.

How many athletes are competing in the olympic games 2008 Beijing?

There are approximately 10500 athletes competing in the 2008 Olympic games.