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they participated in the running

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Q: What Olympic events did Caribbean Athletes participate in the 2008 Olympic Games?
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What do athletes actually do?

Athletes participate in sporting events.

When did Russia first participate in the Modern Olympic Games?

1900 Games in Paris. Russia sent four athletes to participate in fencing and equestrian events. No medals were won.

Do Olympic athletes have to pay to watch other Olympic events?


Are the Olympic games fun?

The Olympic Games are fun to watch and participate in. For the athletes, it's pride in representing their country on an international stage. For the average person, it's watching some of the greatest sporting events in the world.

How many events will be contested at the 2012 olympic games?

There will be 302 events that the athletes will compete in

What are the Olympic games about?

The Olympic games are about bringing the best athletes from around the world to compete in events. Athletes compete for the chance to win the gold medal.

How many countries participate in all Olympic events?


Which events are Peru taking part in at the Olympics?

According to the Peruvian Olympic Committee, at least 12 athletes will participate at the 2008 Games in athletics, badminton, swimming, taekwondo, shooting, wrestling, judo and fencing.

How many athletes in the Russian olympic team 2008?

I belive the 2008 Russian Olympic team is made up of 467 athletes, competing in 244 events Rob

In which events at the Olympic games do women only participate?

Synchronised swimming

Saudi Arabia Olympic events?

Saudi Arabia sent athletes to the 2008 Olympic Games to compete in Shooting, Equestrian, and Weightlifting.

What events are athletes from Niger competing in at the 2008 Olympics?

Niger sent a team of 5 athletes to the 2008 Games to participate in athletics, taekwondo, and swimming.

What is one effect of so many people coming to Atlanta for the Olympics?

The athletes had to participate in more events.

What kinds of events make up the olympic games and athletes compete in them?

what kinds of events make up theOlympic games, and what athletics compete in them?

What is sports news?

Sports news is the information given to the public regarding different sporting events and the athletes who participate in them.

Olympic countries amount of people?

10,500 athletes are expected to compete in 302 events in 28 sports

How many events did India participate in 2012 Olympics?

India's 83 athletes or 60 men and 23 women participated in 13 sports and 55 events

Where do the Olympic athletes compete for each event for 2010 Vancouver winter games?

Each of the Olympic athletes at the 2010 Vancouver winter games competed at events in the city and in nearby locations like Whistler and Richmond. Similar events like snowboarding and skiing where held at the same venue to minimize on travel.

Which Olympic events will Lebanon participate in?

most likely the fashion part, or maybe the tightest pants competition

Why are there blue lines at the olympic events?

to help to athletes with perception or what line they should take when they are skiing down the course

How many events are in the Winter Olympics?

Over 80 nations and 5,500 athletes compete with 87 events. In the winter Vancouver, Canada 2010 olympic games.

What do Olympic athletes wear to compete?

What they wear depends on what events they are competing in. Most athletes wear modern athletic attire that can include warm up suits, shorts and tanks.

Can an Olympic athlete participate in different events of the same sport?

Only if there name is piccolo yes

What events did Ireland participate in 2008 olympic games in Beijing?

Sports that Irish athletes competed in at the 2008 Games were Athletics, Badminton, Boxing, Canoeing, Cycling, Equestrian, Fencing, Rowing, Sailing, Shooting, Swimming, and Triathlon. what kind of sports did the Irish play?

Did Hungary participate in the 2006 Winter Olympics?

Yes, Hungary had 22 athletes competing in 22 events. They did not win any medals.