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Never. The 2012 Olympic games in London were the first games "independent athletes" participated seperatly from a country.

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2012-08-22 04:49:01
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Q: When has there been independent athletes before?
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What is IOA?

IOA - Independent Olympic Athletes

What country is ioa?

IOA - Independent Olympic Athletes

Are there independent athletes at the Olympics?

Yes, 4 in London 2012.

Who pays for the Independent Olympic athletes to attend the Olympics?

No one

Are there any independent athletes in the 2012 Olympic games?


When did athletes start getting paid for games?

athletes have been paid at least since the "greco roman "era. Perhaps before but their are numerous examples in literature of the athletes of this era being paid

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What independent countries will be competing in the 2012 Olympics?

Four athletes will be competing in the Olympics under the Independent Olympic Athletes "country" with the Olympic flag.One athlete is from South Sudan, two from Curaçao, and fourth from the Netherlands.

What is the difference between music celebrities and athletes?

Athletes have to play before they learn the score; musicians learn the score before they have to play.

Is India in the winter Olympics?

India hopes to compete in the winter Olympics, but they may have to compete as independent athletes because the Indian Olympic Association has been suspended by the International Olympic Committee

How many years has it been since Scotland was last independent?

Scotland was independent before the union with England in 1707, so that is 304 years ago in 2011.

What did athletes do before competing?

Most athletes stretch and eat a very healthy meal before competing to give them strength and make sure they're loose.

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