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A cricket test goes for 5 days

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Q: How long is a cricket test?
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How is test cricket different?

Test cricket is 5 days long and is played against countries.

How long is the tea interval in test cricket?

20 minutes

How long did it take for the slowest century in test cricket?

five days

How long can a Test cricket match last?

The Test Cricket matches are the longest of the three types of cricket matches which lasts up too 5 days. The name Test Cricket match comes from the fact that it is a relative test of strength and endurance of the two sides in the grueling 5 day match.

What colour is the cricket ball in a test cricket?

The color of a test cricket match ball is Red

How long can a game of cricket last?

The longest game of International cricket is a test match which can last for a maximum 5 days.

Why test cricket is different from other forms of cricket games?

test cricket is different from other forms of cricket because: test cricket is a longer version og the game , a test match goes for 5 days test cricket is played in white clothes rather then colours test cricket is a much more challenging game because of its lenght and finally test cricke tis much more interesting then the other forms of cricket

How long does a cricket test match take?

International cricket test matches take up to a maximum of 5 days, but test matches between counties and in small competitions are sometimes played for a maximum of 4 days.

Highest day score in test cricket?

highest day score in test cricket.

What colour is the cricket ball in test cricket?

Red :)

What is India's domestic cricket match?

test cricket

Test cricket is a unique game why?

test cricket can go on for 5 days and still and in a draw .

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