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A cricket test match is played for 5 days.

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Q: What is the time period for a cricket test match?
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Graham yallop do for the first time in cricket?

He was the first cricketer to wear a helmet in a full Test match

What is the time period for a hockey test match?

91.40 meters x 55 meters.

What time Jamaican commentary usually listen to cricket match being played in Australia and India?

What time is it in Jamaica when cricket match is being played in Australia

How is test cricket a unique game in many ways?

One of the peculaties of cricket is that a test match can go on her five days and still end in a drew. No other modern team sport takes even half as much time to compelete.A football match is generally over in an hour -and -a half.even baseball compeletes nine innigs in less than half the time that it takes to play a limited-overs match,the shouted verron of modern cricket.

How many hours of play in test cricket?

Currently, Test cricket plays for no more than five days. Each day is broken up into three sessions of two hours each. Therefore, a Test match involves no more than thirty hours of actual play time.

When did Indian cricket team become first in ICC world rankings?

In Test Cricket it was for the first time this past week when they won the match agains Srilanka. & for ODI it was this earlier this year, however they failed to continue that in ODI.

When was One Day International Cricket created?

The first One Day International Cricket match was played on January 5, 1971 as a time-filler after a Test match had been abandoned because of heavy rain on the opening days. It was tried out as an experiment but it has grown into popular form of the game.

What time on Saturday April 2 is the final match of the 2011 Cricket World Cup?

The final match of the 2011 cRICKET World Cup was scheduled around 11 am.

Who was England's cricket captain in the 1960s's?

The England Test Captain whose leadership spanned the greatest period of time is Colin Cowdrey 1960 - 1969

Why test cricket is uneque in many ways?

test cricket in unique in many ways firstly it has no time limit compared to other games...a test match can go upto 3 days whereas other games last till a day whereas other games use modern materials cricket always remained true to the village...the willow bat and cork balls are examples....

How long is a cricket match?

It depends on the variant of cricket being played.A Twenty20 match, intended to be fast-paced, generally plays over the course of three to four hours.A One Day International match, having more overs, will play out over a longer period of the day (some ODI matches have run for over 8 hours, and rain can delay play into a second day).First-class cricket typically sets a maximum length of time the game can be played. Most first-class games run for no more than four days; Test cricket usually runs for no more than five days.

Who won the cricket match between Pakistan and India?

pakiststan for a long time later :)

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