When does a five day cricket match have a rest day?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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There is no REST DAY in test cricket.

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Q: When does a five day cricket match have a rest day?
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What is the essay of common wealth games in sanskrit?

Many sport games are interesting and joyful but i like cricket the most.Cricket is as same to the players as songs to the singers and music to the musician. Cricket match is always played between two has three forms till now.One Day Cricket match , Test or five day cricket match and T20 Cricket match. One day cricket match consists of 100 overs , Test Cricket consists of 450 overs at the maximum and twenty twenty cricket has 40 overs in a match.

Are most of targets chased in day night cricket match?

Yes, most of the targets are usually chased in the day night cricket match.

When was day and night match first introduced in cricket world cup?

the first day night match in the cricket world cup was in 2007!!!

What year did India play its first one day cricket match?

In 1975, India played its first one day cricket match

Last cricket test match with rest day?

The so-called "Rest Day" between Test cricket matches was used to allow for the players to rest, in addition to other reasons. When Cricket went head to head with Tennis for televised airing rights, the Rest Day disappeared from English Test cricket. However, around the world, there have been some exceptions to the rule: The most recent discovered was in 2008, when a match would have fallen on the election day for Bangladesh.?æ

What are the three main types of cricket played in the world?

There are limited over cricket, test match cricket and one day cricket

What sport do they play on Christmas Day in Australia?

Unless you are in the service industry whatever you feel like.

In one day international cricket match what is the record of total sixes in a match?

23 sixes

What is the meaning of the abbreviation 'ODI' in terms of cricket?

One Day International"ODI" is an abbreviation of a "One Day International" cricket match.

What color is the ball in cricket?

In one day cricket the ball is white, in a test match the ball will be red.

Where is the boxing day cricket test match played?

Melbourne Cricket Ground, otherwise known as the MCG

Who has played most day night cricket match?

mahela jayawardena