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Dave Gregory was the first captain of Australia for the first recognised Test Cricket Match in 1877.

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Q: Who was the first captain of Australia in its first test cricket match?
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Who was the first captain of Australia in international cricket?

Australia's first captain of an international cricket match was Dave (William) Gregory, who captained Australia in the first test match ever between England and Australia. He made modest scores of 1 and 3 in the first and second innings respectively in his first match as captain, his highest score being 43 against England in his second test match.

Who was the first captain of Indian cricket team in test match?

C K Naidu was first test captain of indian cricket team.

When did India play its first cricket match?


Who bowled first in the first cricket test match?

Australia.... it was between Australia and England and Australia won the match by 45 runs.

Who is australias cricket captain?

Michael Clarke is the captain for Australia in test match and 50 over but in T20 is George Bailey.

Who was the first captain of Bangladesh cricket team in first match?

Naimur Rahman

Who was the captain of England in for the first cricket test match against Australia in 1877?

The Captain of England for the test was James Lillywhite jnr. See related links for the scorecard from cricinfo.

When was first match played the cricket and where?

First match was played between Australia and England in 1877.The first official test match was played between England & Australia at Melbourne cricket ground on 15th to 19th march .

When did England played his first Cricket Match?

England played his first official Cricket Match against Australia on 15 March 1877.

When was cricket first played in Australia?

The first recorded cricket match in Australia was played at Hyde Park in Sydney on 8 January 1804.

When was the first test match international cricket match?

The first test was played between England and Australia.

Who scored the first run of the the first Cricket Test Match?

Charles Bennerman, the opener batsman of Australia scored the first run of the First Cricket Test Match held between England and Australia in the year 1877 at Melbourne Cricket Ground.

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