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2008 is their 116th season. The University of Texas played their first game on November 30, 1893 against the Dallas Athletic Club. The Longhorns won 18-16.

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Q: How long has the University of Texas been playing football?
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In the several biographies/articles I have looked at on the Internet, there has been no mention of football at the University of Texas. These articles state that he won a scholarship and studied theatre and dance and appeared in productions of the University and the Ballet of Austin.

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Since the Draft was instituted in 1936 311 Texas players have been drafted.

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What is the University of Texas' worst football loss since they have been playing?

2009 Big 12 championship before the referees decided they would rather have Texas in the National championship than obeying the rule book, which explicitly states that the end of game is not a reviewable play. or their loss to Texas Tech in 2008 due to a last minute play by Crabtree.

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