How many years has Frank Lampard been playing football?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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hes been playing proffesionally since he was 16, 1994

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Q: How many years has Frank Lampard been playing football?
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How old was Frank Lampard when he first started playing football?

he started played soccer not football when he was 8 years old (true story)

How long has Frank Lampard been playing soccer for?

Professionally, 15 years.

How old is Frank Lampard?

Frank Lampard is 39 years old (birthdate: June 20, 1978).

What is Frank Lampard's soccer career?

Frank Lampard started his career at West ham united, he then moved on to Chelsea, he also plays for England, their back bone. He has been playing for 15 years now.

What does Frank Lampard's parents do?

his dad used to be a footballer and is still involved in football, his mother passed away a couple of years ago.

How old Frank Lampard?

32 years of age.

When did frank lampard start school?

frank lampard started school when he was about 1 years old in the mid 1400s with Cynthia golden berg who was his first girlfriend.

How long has Frank Lampard been in Chelsea fc?

He joined from West Ham , he is there for roughly 10 years at Chelsea.

Where does Frank Lampard live?

Frank Lampard lives in London, England. He was born in London, and has played many years for the English national team, where he most recently got knocked out of the group stage in World Cup 2014.

Who is the best player at Chelsea?

This is my opinion it is between Frank Lampard and Dider drogba, both are top scorers in the E.P.L. But Drogba has been on top for years.

Who has scored most consecutive penalties?

frank lampard of corse.he made it 21 at the weekend against Blackburn has not missed a penalty in 3 years in a row

Who does Frank Lampard go out with?

he was engaged to his former partner Elen Rivas (who he had 2 daughters with) but split with her in 2009 after 7 years together, and is now dating Christine bleakley.