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Honey, it completely depends on the person. It took me to learn it in 9 days (5 practices) to learn it. If you are at the stage, and you have the skills in order for it to work, you'll get it in no time! :)

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If you work hard and have good spotters about a week

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About 5 seconds

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Q: How long does it take to learn a roundoff back handspring back tuck?
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How long to learn a back handspring and back tuck?

Back handsprings are a level 3 skill, and back tucks are level 5. So let your coaches know you want to move up.

How long would it take a flexible and strong preteen to learn a back handspring?

It will normally take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. It depends what you know how to do and if you have the basics of tumbling.

Is it possible to learn how to complete a back flip front flip round off and back handspring without a coach?

Well, It depends. If you are doing these moves in a gym and have been doing them for a long time then maybe. But if you havint been doing these moves at a gym then DO NOT DO THEM! you can get very injured!

Is three back bend kick over the same distance as one roundoff back hand spring?

It just depends on how long your kickovers are and how long your round off backhandspring. ther is no correct answer becaude everyone does it differently.

What do you need for level 5 gymnastics?

Vault: Front handspring Bars: Kip, front hip circle, squat on, long hang kip, back hip circle underswing, tap swings, and tap swing-turn dismount Beam: Half turn, cartwheel, vertical handstand, side handstand-3/4 turn dismount, straight jump split jump Floor: Straight jump straddle jump, dive roll, front handspring rebound, split leap, split, back extension roll, full turn, back walkover, round off back handspring back handspring

Does height affect how long a back handspring is?

if you do less, then your back tuck will be higher, because you will be less tired. the more back handsprings you do, the tireder you get, and the worse your back tuck will be. *coming from a level 7 gymnast* Ignore that, it's completely wrong. The more back handsprings you do increases your power, thus making a tuck, layout, full, ect. higher and easier.

HOW TO DO round off back hand spring back tuck?

swing you're arms and jump as high as you can back wards lift you're arms up very high in a touch down position do not swing you're head back look at an object or person for as long as you can when you are doing a tuck you do not tuck until you can See the floor ride it up lift and pull and that will make you're standing back tuck high and most importantly do not attempt a standing back tuck unless a coach or a spotter has spotted you for it and told you to do it by you're self focus on what you're doing before you do it think about it but don't think about it so much that you get scared most importantly make sure you know what you're doing before you perform the skill be tight tuck very close to you're chest and now follow these skills and you will do great!!!!!! :D

Name at least 5 gymnastic skills?

I'm talking about USAG women's gymnastics, compulsory level 5. Bars: glide kip, front hip circle, squat on, long hang kip, back hip circle (on high bar), tap swing, 1/2 turn dismount. Beam: snap turn, split leap, handstand to vertical, half turn in coupé, cartwheel, stretch jump - split jump combo, arabesque, cartwheel to side handstand 1/4 turn dismount (hold 3 seconds). Floor: dive roll, front handspring to two feet, split leap, split, back extension roll, full turn in coupé, hitch kick, back walkover, round-off back handspring back handspring. Vault: Straight armed handspring over vaulting horse.

What to learn after a round off?

you should learn how to do a perfect roundoff before anything. then out of your roundoff you should land on your toes getting ready to do two backhandsprings. then in your backhandsprings you should not go up you should make them long... but make sure your toes are pointed, your arms are by your head and legs straight and together.. just one more thing... make sure you keep your arms by your head so you dont land on your head (trust me, i have landed on my head before, and it hurts really bad!)

How long does it take to learn a back walkover?

It mainly depends on your goals and efforts :D

How long does it take the average person to do a backhandspring?

The actual action of doing a back handspring only takes about 4 seconds. But, if you mean learning to do a back handspring, that time can vary depending on the person and the time spent practicing. It can take months to years.

Do a back handspring?

You might want to start out with learning how to go into a bridge WITHOUT starting on the ground. A back handspring would be easier if you know how to do a handstand. First you jump up then swiftly thrust your self backward so your pretty much in a bridge form but before your feet touch the ground catch yourself with the hands. Throw your feet into the air and back on to the ground. You should be standing. Remember to stretch yourself out first. My answer Sit back as if on a seat or a toilet. Then swing ur arms back and sit back and jump back, long and low, not up and straight down. Make sure u dont jump up and put your hands where your feet were. Try on if available a mat, if not a grassy piece of land.