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You are allowed a reasonable amount of time to reach the hole, then 10 seconds from when you reach hole high, if it doesn't drop, you must tap it on.

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Q: How long can golf ball sit on lip of hole before going in?
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What is hole out in golf?

Hole out is simply finishing a hole of golf, obviously by putting the ball in the hole.

During a round of strokeplay golf you pick up your ball in disgust before finishing the hole can you replace the ball and continue with penalties or are you disqualified?


Is the act of hitting a golf ball into the hole?


How small is a squirrel hole?

It is between the size of a golf ball and a tennis ball.

What does it mean to get a hole in on when playing golf?

A hole in one is when you hit the golfball from the starting position into the hole with one hit. So say you just finshed a hole and you going to your next, Well now your about to hit the ball and you give it a good whack then you hear the ball you just hit make it into the hole. That is a hole in one.

A golf ball on a golf course sits 2 meters from the hole The flag in the hole is 1.5 meters high What is the angle of elevation?


What is the rule if your golf ball is in a hole and you can not swing your club?

Take it out of the hole and take a one shot penalty and place the ball no closer to the pin and in line with the hole.

What besides a flag is traditionally used as a hole marker in golf?


How do you play the sport golf?

You use a club to hit a ball into a hole.

What happens if the golf ball goes in the hole and pops out?

it doesn't count

Does a golfer have to remove their ball from the hole before another golfer can putt to that hole?

There is no requirement that the ball be removed, but it is considered good golf etiquette. As pointed out by one commentator, why deprive someone of that glorious sound of a ball hitting the bottom of the cup after all the hazards, mulligans and lost balls?

How does Tiger Woods mark his golf ball?

Straight black line on the side of the ball.