How good is a tippmann x7?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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There are two versions of the X7, the original is just an A5 with a larger body, the A5 is simply a 98 with a larger body and a cyclone feeder, there is really nothing better about it over the A5 it is just a different look. The X7 phenom on the other hand works on a completely different operating principle. It operates very similarly to an old automag concept where it is basically a mechanical spool valve. The phenom is smoother and quieter than the 98 base (not by huge amounts but it is noticable). It will also be a little more efficient and consistent. If you are asking if the regular X7 is good, it is just as good as an 98, the phenom is a little better HOWEVER, for the money there are much better options out there than either that are not only cheaper but easier to work on, smaller and lighter and basically just better overall markers.

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Q: How good is a tippmann x7?
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Does the Tippmann x7 flatline barrel work for the x7 phenom or just the regular x7?

It will fit both of them.

What is a Tippmann x7 used for?

The Tippmann x7 is a paintball gun that is used for the game or sport of paintball. It is considered one of the most popular guns for paintball and has received an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

Does the tippmann gryphon powerback paintball gun use the same barrels as the tippmann 98 custom?

I believe it is a5/x7 threaded.

What kind of rails come standard on a tippmann x7?

Picatinny- standard size

How good Is a tippmann alpha black tactical?

The Tippmann Alpha Black is a decent gun. Easy to use, durable. but really, your paying for the looks. A 98 custom is nearly identical, and it can't compete with an X7.

What are the threads for a Tippmann A-5?

This statement is half true but half untrue. The tippmann A5 and 98 custom do indeed have different threads. But after the A5 tippmann made the X7 which has identical threads to that of an A5. Because of this a barrel with "Tippmann A5" threads, will fit on a tippmann x7, but will not fit on a tippmann 98 custom.

Can a tippmann x7 response trigger work on a bt omega 2012 version?

No, it will not fit.

Will a tippmann double trigger system fit onto a tippmann X7 E- grip?

Yes, and in fact there is an E-trigger addition that comes with a double trigger.

Can you put a tippmann x7 cyclone hopper on a tippmann 98?

No, the mounting screws are different, it will not fit the 98. There is a 98/USarmy cyclone feed made that will fit.

Does tippmann x7 have a drop forward?

No, but any drop forwards with the standard two hole fitting will work.

Are tippmann buttstocks compatible with Tiberius pistols?

Only the 98 style buttstocks, the ones with a cylinder and a hole in the front. The Tippmann a5/x7 style with the plate and two screws will not.

Is the tippman bravo one paintball marker better than the tippman a-5?

No, It was not meant to anyways. The main Tippmann lines has the Tippmann 98 as their starter marker, the Tippmann A5 as their intermediate marker, and the X7/X7 Phenom as their top brand. The bravo one (alpha black in The United States) is simply a different looking Tippmann 98. The A-5 has the cyclone feed, and is much easier to take apart with a tombstone airline and push-pin disassembly.