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The Tippmann Alpha Black is a decent gun. Easy to use, durable. but really, your paying for the looks. A 98 custom is nearly identical, and it can't compete with an X7.

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โˆ™ 2009-05-09 21:53:28
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Q: How good Is a tippmann alpha black tactical?
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Is the Tippmann Bravo One Tactical Edition Marker any good?

The Bravo one/Alpha Black is a great, cheap starter marker. It is reliable and durable, but that's about it. The tactical edition is useful if you plan on buying a remote line or like having a horizontal hand grip. For the price, it is a great gun.

What kind of paintball guns are good for d-day Oklahoma?

Tippmann A-5. Tippmann 98. Tippmann X-7. Tippmann Tippmann Tippmann. Reliable and Upgradable.

Are the US Army Alpha Black Tactical good paintball guns?

They are cheap, durable starter markers. compared to most walmart guns, they are great. compared to mid level markers they are not.

Are pcs paintball guns good?

No. They are all Tippmann clones without the Tippmann durability.

Is any barrel that works with a tippmann model 98 compatible with the new tippmann 98 custom platinum?

Yes! They have the same threads. but the tippmann 98 custom platinum is not as good as the original if i were u i would ge rid of the thing...its not that it is bad it just chops and is not built as good as the tippmann 98 custom.

What is a hero edge on a knife?

Hero edge is a knife company. They make some good tactical black knive/swords.

Where is a good place to purchase Tippman Paintball Gear?

One of the most obvious places to purchase Tippmann Paintball Gear is on the official website. However, more deals can be found on other sites, such as: Tippmann Pros, Tippmann Parts, and Paintball Online.

Is nitro duck a good paintball gun?

Nitro duck is a good brand, but tippmann is better in my opinion.

What barrels are good for Carver one?

the one it comes with is good but most tippmann barrels should work

What is a good yet cheap paintball brand?

Tippmann and azodin all carry good reliable entry level markers.

Is the project salvo a good marker which ones do you recommend?

For the price, you are really just getting an alpha black with a stock and shroud for $50 dollars more. I would just buy the alpha black with fully automatic Egrip, which the salvo does not have, and save $10.

Where can one find tactical scopes for a good price?

Tactical scopes can be found at many different places. The best place to buy tactical scopes would be on Amazon. Also, bidding auction websites like eBay have a good selection.

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