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I believe it is a5/x7 threaded.

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โˆ™ 2010-12-12 22:57:17
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Q: Does the tippmann gryphon powerback paintball gun use the same barrels as the tippmann 98 custom?
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Will a twister paintball barrell fit a tippman gryphon?

twister makes barrels in all the standard threads.

What is a gryphon gun?


Can you adjust the trigger on a Tippmann Gryphon?

No, the Gyphon does not have an adjustable trigger

Can you put a response trigger in a tippmann gryphon?

No. None of the kits will fit.

What is a good barrel for a tippmann gryphon?

The standard barrel should be fine. However if you are more serious about paintball, but do not have the money for a new gun, a CP or similar one piece barrel 12-16 inches should improve your gun noticeably.

Which is better spyder victor or tippmann gryphon?

The Gryphon has nicer features, like an asa on the grip. However if you plan on playing for more than a few months, you should buy a marker at least in the 100 dollar range if you want it to last.

What are the top ten paintball guns?

Since I'm not sure if you're looking for durability or performance I'll break it into two lists of five. Durability/Reliability 1. Tippman A5 2. Tippmann 98 Custom 3. Kingman Spyder .68 cal. 4. Tippmann Gryphon 5. Kingman .50 cal. Performance 1. Dye's DM Series 2. Dye Reflex Rail That's really all I can give you, but trust me not many guns deseerve being called top ten. Trust me that those are the best out there, I have experience and 5 different paintball guns, check out my profile in about me.

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The gryphon is a mythical beast.

When was The Silver Gryphon created?

The Silver Gryphon was created in 1997.

What is the ISBN of The Black Gryphon?

The ISBN of The Black Gryphon is 0886776430.

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