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Im 14 to and I throw 75

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Q: How fast should a 14 year old boy be able to throw a baseball?
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How fast does a baseball travel?

it depends on how fast you throw it

How fast should a fourteen year old throw?

The average 14 year old should be able to throw around 55-65 miles per hour.

How fast should an average 7 year throw a baseball?

Probably anywhere from 25-35 mph. I think i threw about that fast at that age.

What is faster a lacrosse or baseball?

it depends on how fast you throw it.

Can you throw a baseball as fast as a lacrosse ball?

Yes you can.

How fast can baseball throwers throw?

Major League pitchers throw at an average of 91.1mph.

How fast did Nolan Ryan throw a baseball?

101 MPH

If you throw a baseball 60 yards how fast is that?

about 65 mph

How fast should a 12 year old boy pitch?

a 12 year old boy should be able to throw anywhere between 55-65mph

How can you become a pitcher in baseball?

you half to have accuracy, and be able to throw fast and throw different types like a curv, or fastballs, or stuff like sliders. I agree with that but when you get that you need to show it off in front of your coach.

How fast is a baseball thrown?

pro baseball players throw around 80 or 90 mph

How fast should a nine year old throw a baseball?

Maybe any where from 25-45 or so maybe faster depending on the kid.

How fast can a softball be pitched?

it can be pitched as fast as you can throw it. throw it really fast!

How fast should a twelve year old be able to throw a baseball?

There is a huge variance in ability at every age level; there is no minimum or maximum that should or can be attained.I would say a 12- year old on average can throw about 50 and a good speed is 55 and up but when you break it down speed doesn't matter as much as how many outs you get

How fast can a major league baseball player throw?

Average. 15. Year old boys should throw 90 or if not at least 85. If not that just mean he is not a good baseball player mostly slim pimply kids are like 69 to 73

How fast can a little league pitcher throw a baseball?

the average speed is 64.78 MPH

How fast does an average 14 year old throw a baseball?

55 -80 mph

How fast does the average freshman division one pitcher throw a baseball?

73 mph

How fast do you need to throw a baseball for it to go 100 yards?

90-100 mph

If you throw football 70 yards how fast can you throw baseball?

I'm guessing between 95 & 105 miles per hour

Why you should run before to throw a javelein?

You want the javelin to be going as fast as possible when you release it. If you are running as fast as you can and THEN throw it, it will have significantly higher velocity, and will travel farther.

How fast should a teenager throw?

in highschool between 60-90 mph

How fast is a baseball pitch?

some of the fastest pitchers throw about 100 mph. The record is 104.5

How do you throw a 95 ball in wii baseball if your pro?

Simple flick the wii remote as fast as you can.

If you throw a baseball 80 mph from 47 feet how fast do you throw a baseball from 54 feet?

The equivalent of an 80mph pitch from 47ft at 54ft is 54/47*80 = 91.9 mph.

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