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I am twelve and I can throw about 70-75 mph. For an average child maybe 80-85 mph.

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Q: How fast can the average twelve year old throw a ball?
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How fast does the average 10 year old boy pitch?

The average 10 yr old kid throws the ball 45MPH. About 33% of pitchers this age can throw the ball 45-50MPH and about 13% can throw the ball 51-55. About 1 kid in a million can throw the ball 60MPH. If your kid can throw more then 48MPH he is considered above average.

How do you use a velocity ball?

throw it and it tells you how fast you throw

How far can you throw a ping pong ball when there is no wind?

Depends on how fast you throw it... ;)

Can you throw a baseball as fast as a lacrosse ball?

Yes you can.

How fast can a professional handball player throw a ball?


How fast does a ball roll?

It depends on how hard you throw it, obviously!

How fast does a 3rd baseman throw the ball to 1st?

75 mph

How fast can baseball throwers throw?

Major League pitchers throw at an average of 91.1mph.

What is Nick Jonas' secret talent?

he can throw a wiffle ball really fast

What is the Sport that you throw a ball at a wall really fast then catch it again?

the question can you do it?

How fast is the average fast ball?

about 85 miles per hour

How Fast Can An average Twelve year old run?

S*** in your pants

If you throw a tennis ball of the Empire State Building how fast will it go?

It will go as fast as it's terminal velocity

Can you steal on an over throw back to pitcher on a foul ball in fast pitch softball?

you can steal on a over throw but you cant steal on a foul ball. A foul ball is a dead ball and the ball is not live again until the next pitch.

How do you catch Zapdos real easy and fast on Pokemon platinum?

Throw a master ball at it.

How fast does a shot put ball?

The shot put speed depends on the force behind the throw.

How do you throw a 95 ball in wii baseball if your pro?

Simple flick the wii remote as fast as you can.

How fast can a quarterback throw the ball?

Avergae speed 40-60 mph- a few have had speeds in the 70s.

How fast has a baseball ever been throw?

Aroldis Chapman threw a ball that was clocked at 104 mph.

How fast can a softball be pitched?

it can be pitched as fast as you can throw it. throw it really fast!

On average how fast can a professional football quarterback throw a football?

about 30-85 mph

How fast can a little league pitcher throw a baseball?

the average speed is 64.78 MPH

How fast does an average 14 year old throw a baseball?

55 -80 mph

How fast does the average freshman division one pitcher throw a baseball?

73 mph

How many spirals should a football make in a 10 yard pass?

It all depends on how fast that you throw the ball.