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In Major League Baseball, there is no limit, this is why you see some players taking very wide turns. However, if he goes into the dugout or something like that, he could be called out.

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Q: How far off the baseline can a runner be if there is no play on him?
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What are the rules of fast pitch softball?

It's pretty much like baseball... For basic rules you can touch the bases to get a runner out only if there is a force. if there's no force than you have to tag the runner. The runner can't interfere with the play but the player can't block the baseline if there isn't a play. The only difference than baseball is that girls can't lead off because the pitcher isn't able to pick the runner off. This is because the pitcher pitches in a loop-de-loop sort of way. Everything else is the same.

Runner hits the ball and takes off to first and the first baseman grabs the ball and attempts to tag the runner but the runner takes a step back to home plate. Is the runner considered out?

No the runner is not out unless the first baseman tags him, the first baseman touches the bag before the runner there, or the runner steps out of the baseline. The runner could go back and forth on the base path for as long as he can stay safe. So simply, no the runner is not out yet.

What if a ball hits a baserunner while standing on a base?

Nothing, as long as the runner is touching the base. A runner is out only if touched by a batted ball that is still in play if he is off the base.

In baseball can a pitcher bounce the ball?

Sure, but if it is a pitch it is a ball, if he bounces it in an attempt to pick off a runner, the ball is in play.

If a batted ball glances off of glove and then hits runner is the runner safe or out?

The runner is not out and play goes on. Rule 7.09(k) states a runner is out when: "A fair ball touches him on fair territory before touching a fielder. If a fair ball goes through, or by, an infielder, and touches a runner immediately back of him, or touches the runner after having been deflected by a fielder, the umpire shall not declare the runner out for being touched by a batted ball. In making such decision the umpire must be convinced that the ball passed through, or by, the fielder, and that no other infielder had the chance to make a play on the ball. If, in the judgment of the umpire, the runner deliberately and intentionally kicks such a batted ball on which the infielder has missed a play, then the runner shall be called out for interference" Since the ball touched the fielder first and then the runner, play goes on.

How many bases can the runner advance when ball goes out of play?

The ball is dead. The runner will advance one base if the ball goes out of play on a pitch or pick-off attempt while the pitcher is in contact with the pitcher's plate, otherwise two bases.

Where is the fuel shut off valve on a 1998 4 runner?

where is the fuel shut-off valve on a 1998 4 runner?

What does a time play mean in baseball mean?

The best example I can give of a 'timed play' is when the pitcher attempts to pick off a runner at second base. The catcher will give a signal, maybe touching his mask or pounding his fist in his glove. This signal means that at the count of two the second baseman or shortstop, whoever has the responsibility of covering the bag, will start moving towards second base and at the count of four, the pitcher will whirl around and throw to second in an attempt to pick off the runner. The pitcher cannot turn around and see that a runner is taking a big lead off of second base and attempt to pick the runner off because the runner will head back to second as soon as he sees the pitcher looking at him. So, a 'timed play' is executed ... the shortstop/second baseman sneaks to the base behind the runner's back in the hope that the runner does not notice and the pitcher suddenly whirls around and throws in the hopes that he catches the base runner off guard.

Runner on 1st - Pitcher steps off behind mound and throws to 2nd baseman in between 1st and 2nd then walks runner back to 1st - Is this a balk?

No, the pitcher stepped off the rubber and the runner was asleep(?) No, the pitcher stepped off the rubber and the runner was asleep(?)

What is a pick off in baseball?

catching a runner off a base.

When an outfielder attempts to throw out a runner off a basehit and his throw hits the base umpire is the ball dead?

Ball is still in play

How do you steal on MLB 2k10?

Press z then the runner will lead off farther then press z again and the runner will take off

How many bases does runner get on an overthrow of first base?

It depends how far away the ball is from the fielder and how fast the runner is but the usual is 1 Like Martin said, it depends. If the ball is overthrown at first and goes past the fence or into the dugout, the runner will get to advance one base. If he is taking off for second before the ball goes under the fence or into the dugout, he will not get to go to third UNLESS he has already touched second by the time the ball goes out of play. Now, if the ball is overthrown at first and DOES NOT go out of play, the runner may advance as many as he wants but the fielders can get him out.

What are new plants that grow off a runner?


If there is a runner on first base and the batter is put out at first is the force removed for the runner?

The force is off so the runner can only be tagged out.

What happens to the batter runner and other base runners if a batted ball hits a runner before passing an infielder?

If a runner is touched by a batted ball while off base before the ball passes an infielder (other than the pitcher), it's dead ball, runner is out. If the runner is on base when touched by a batted ball, it's live ball and play continues.

Can base runneers leave the base before the pitcher pitches the ball?

Yes. But if the runner is tagged by someone holding the ball while off the base, the runner is out. Thus, a pitcher -- or even the catcher! -- might throw the ball to the base where a runner is lazily standing too far from the base.

If you are a catcher and you have the ball in your bare hand tag the runner is it an out?

Assuming that the runner is off of a bag then yes.

If a runner on first base is hit by the ball off of the bat in fair territory is the runner out?


Does a runner who is at first when the ball was hit and caught in the air in center field get to go to third if when they try to double him off at first and over throw and the ball goes out of play?

If the ball goes out of play, sometimes the runner automatically gets to advance a base. If that didn't happen, then yes.

How far away form the object should the first dimension line be?

The Autocad standard of the first line of dimensions is typically 3/8" off the object. With the baseline spacing from that set to 1/4".

How do you turn the alarm off in your 1999 Toyota 4 runner?

toyota 4 runner 93 alarm

If you have a runner on first and a runner on third and the runner on first attempts to steal second at the same time the runner on third takes off and scores does the batter get the RBI?

ed Parker isn't

What is a throw by the pitcher or catcher to catch a runner off base?

pick off

Is it a dead ball when the runner going to first is safe and is hit by the ball in the process on a throw from the second baseman?

In that play the ball will never be dead unless it deflects off the runner into the stands or out of play. If it was seen as intentionally getting in the way of the ball he could be out for interference. But otherwise the ball is live