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they can throw it about 50 to 120mph

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Q: How far can nfl quarterbacks throw a football?
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How far can a pro football QB throw a football?

NFL quarterbacks can throw the ball varying distances. Some quarterbacks with weaker arms can only throw the ball 60 yards or so, while others (like Raiders' QB Jamarcus Russell) can heave the pigskin in excess of 70 yards.

What is bigger a NFL ball or college ball?

The NFL football is bigger. It is harder to hold onto and harder for quarterbacks to throw since it is bigger. Since they are pros and the best players in the world the NFL ball is bigger.

How far can a person throw a football?

There is no definitive record for the longest football throw in history, but many believe former NFL quarterback Vinny Testaverde's 80-yard throw in the 1988

Has the Airforce Academy ever had a QB play in NFL?

Quarterbacks are an important part of the offense team in football. There are no quarterbacks that have played in the NFL that attended the Airforce Academy.

How far can vince young throw a football?

Vince Young with his unorthodox side arm delivery can yield an NFL football 70 yards

How do you increase the distance that you can throw a football?

you need to strengthen your arm and maybe try different ways of throwing the ball. try holding the ball a different way. watch nfl quarterbacks. they use their whole body to throw the ball.

Who were the 10 oldest quarterbacks in the NFL?

who are the 10 oldest quarterbacks in the nfl ?

When did the quarterback sneak become an official NFL statistic?

Rushing statistics were always accumulated for quarterbacks, especially since in the early years of football quarterbacks rarely passed.

What NFL quarterbacks active or inactive played college football at Eastern Illinois University?

Tony Romo

How far can Peyton Manning throw a football?

69 Yards: NFL QB Challenge. (Donovan McNabb threw 76). 69 Yards: NFL QB Challenge. (Cade Mcnown threw 72).

Who in the NFL can throw a football the furthest?

Jamarcus Russell they had a contest

How many quarterbacks have played in the NFL?

About five quarterbacks have always played in the National Football League. The most common are names like Brett Farve and Denver Broncos with several wins.

How many quarterbacks are on a football team?

Typically an NFL team will have 3 quarterbacks on their roster, however there some cases where a team may just want 2 qbs or even have 4 on their roster. In college football, because of the recruiting teams will make, there are about 4 or 5 quarterbacks on each roster.

Who in the nfl can throw a football to the other team the most?

Tony Romo

What NFL quarterbacks are former packers?

Currently no NFL starting quarterbacks are former Green Bay Packers

Farthest football throw?

I heard that Ray Guy, the hall of fame NFL punter could throw a football from goal line to goal line (100 yards).

What is the longest throw for a pro football quarterback?

99-yards is the NFL record

Do NFL quarterbacks have earpieces?


How far can the average NFL qb throw?

55 yards average

Which former virginia tech football players are playing in the nfl?

Hokie quarterbacks include Michael Vick with the Eagles and Tyrod Taylor with the Ravens.

What family has had the most quarterbacks in professional football?

That would probably be the Mannings. There are of course Peyton and Eli but, their father Archie also played in the NFL.

What NFL football position pays the most?

Usually the quarterback. But there are many players in other positions that earn more than some quarterbacks.

How far can Carson Palmer throw a football?

In the 2005 NFL quarterback challenge Palmer threw it about 75 yards according to Boomer but it went out of bounds. In the 2004 challenge he threw it about 65 yards.

What is the longest throw in football?

In competitive football, the length of the throw is not measured, but rather the length of the play (catch and run). The longest pass is 99 yards in US football and 109 yards in Canada, that being one yard less than the length of the field. There is no official record for Longest Throw, but a distance of 80-90 yards (73-82 m) seems to be considered the longest. NFL quarterbacks such as Steve Bartkowski, Randall Cunningham, and Jamarcus Russell (all tall, powerful throwers) have thrown the ball that far in the air. One NFL site lists an unofficial record for ball distance, which was 83 yards by Don Meredith of the Dallas Cowboys, part of a 95-yard pass to Bob Hayes on November 13, 1966.

Is a CFL football the same size as an NFL football?

no cfl is a wider ball but is not as long, i find it harder to throw and is just stupid