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It depends on if the kid had practice or not and if the person plays

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Q: How far can a 10 year old throw a football?
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How far can an average 13 year old boy throw a football?

30 to 40

Is it possible for a 15 year old boy to throw a football 200 yards?


How far can the average 12 year old boy throw?

Nobody knows

How far does the average 14 year old throw a baseball?

I'm 14 going to be 15 in 3 months and I could throw as far as 120 feet

How far can a 12 through 13 year old person throw a football?

@im 12 and can throw 32 yards. Im a dude and can thow 75-100 yards. 120 if i really try, but i usually almost thow my arm out.

How far should an average 13 year old be able to throw the football?

On average around 45 yards, if you are a good athlete you should be able to throw further i can throw 75 give or take accurately and im 13, but im the starting quarter back for my schools team so idk about you.

How far can you throw a lighter ball then a heavier ball?

This question doesn't make sense ... are you a six year old?

How far should a 12 year old be able to throw a 6LLB shot put?

when i was 12 i threw 15.8

How far should a fifteen year old quarterback throw?

Atleast 35 yards and atleast 50 with a moving target

Is being able to throw 55 yards good for a 14-year-old?

For a kid that has grown up playing football then it is average but for a kid that is just starting football that is great! :)

How far should a 13 teen year old throw a shot?

I can throw it 7.22 meters..and I am fairly strong but don't train, so probably about that or maybe a little further. :)

How fast can a 7 year old throw a baseball?

An average 7 year old can throw from 30 to 40 mph. A 7 year old that is a freak and stand out and one of the best on the best of team can throw 45 and top out at 50 max.

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